Praying for a Bee

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The other day, the boys and I were playing down at our creek, and in the splashing, some bees ended up in the water. Being a tenderhearted sort, I rushed over and started scooping them out one by one and placing them on some rocks to dry out. As I did so, I prayed a bit over each one, blessing them with strength and healing (in case some of them had been injured).

But there was one, who rolled around like a dead thing, soaked through and coated in mud and sand. It had to have been in that mess for 5 minutes at least, and quite likely more. There was no movement, no sign of life, and I was sad... but I felt I should pray anyway. So taking that tiny little creature in the palm of my hand, I began blessing it. The sense of the Holy Spirit became strong, and without thinking, I commanded it, “rise up in the name of Jesus.”

It moved!!

The more I prayed, the more the bee began to breathe and move and wiggle until I was crawling around on my palm and trying to clean itself. I almost cried, and my boys (who had been watching the entire thing) kept saying “Wow! It’s alive!” and “I love you little bee.”

Now to be straight: I am no beekeeper. I don’t know how long a bee has to be underwater, covered in mud, for it to be dead. Did I see the power of God resurrect one of His littlest creatures? Maybe. I am no scientist or entomologist. I am not certain yet... but I’ve been pondering the incident ever since.


All throughout the New Testament, Jesus is clear about having come for and loving on and caring “for the least of these,” and how we are to follow in His steps in doing so. I learned last night that honeybees only live for about 3-4 weeks, and many beekeepers, when asked “How can I save a dying or drowning bee?” reply that they’re too little to save and to just let nature take its course...

But I am positive God had me pray over that bee. Bless that bee until it was well enough to fly back home. Truly, what better example of the character of God, that He would ask me to bless the most “least of these” and lavish His care and love on such a tiny creature many would overlook?

I’m convinced of this: if He desires to save a tiny honeybee out of his abundant love, He most definitely wants to save and love YOU. ❤️




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