Let's Try Transplanting Plants

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Hi guys.
Meet me @gumegxgolgom here again
On this occasion I will discuss the process of transplanting plants that you can do in farming life

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Transplant Plants

What is a Transplant Plants?
And how do you transplant plants to grow roots fast?
Let's discuss it together in this article. Actually there are so many ways to reproduce and to breed plants to produce fruit quickly, the size of the tree is not so high, so we can do this by transplanting plants. This method of grafting has advantages and disadvantages.

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How to transplant plants

Grafting is a method of multiplying plants by growing roots from the stem which aims to have the quality of the plants that the parent plant has. Many of the plants multiply, such as from seeds or grafting, but transplants can resemble the quality of sires up to 99%. Because the graft will look like a parent tree.

Criteria for Good Parent Plants in Grafts

Before the implantation method is carried out, there are several criteria for parent plants that need to be known, namely:
Mother plant must be of good quality
Heavy fruit, tasty, big and lots
Survive attacks from outside pests
Healthy and free from germs
After the criteria of the parent plant have been obtained then do this graft. In doing how to graft this plant try in the rainy season so that later the roots that grow on the stem can grow perfectly and do not bother watering the grafts,

Because when the roots start to grow, they will need water, if not, the roots will dry out, even if the stem does not die, but if the roots are dry and die, then the graft fails, also the name.

Equipment and Materials for Grafting

All right, after all fulfilling now, prepare the tools and materials.

  • Sharp knife
  • String of raffia
  • Sheet plastic
  • Loose soil
  • Manure that has finished the decay period or in other words finished fertilizer.
  • Just a little water if the soil and fertilizer are dry.
  • The stem is as big as the little finger from the chosen tree. It can be bigger or depends on taste but it is not too small because it will hold the load of the graft feared it will break.

Before going to practice, mix the soil and manure with a ratio of 1: 1 with a note that the fertilizer used is fertilizer that has been made and the water is little thought to be wet but not too wet because it is mixed with water just to keep the soil moist

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How do you transplant plants?

These are the steps
After the land is ready, look for the right and suitable stem, and also an easy position for us to do this graft method.
Then we just sort it so it's easy to remember and read.

  • The stem crust is about 3-5cm long after being scraped
  • Peel the skin from the stem
  • Using a strip that has been peeled off, exfoliation must really remove the cambium attached to the wood. The purpose is to make the skin so that the skin does not recover because if the skin is restored, eating the roots will not appear and the graft will be sure to fail.
  • Tie using a sheet of plastic under the stem that we scraped and tie the first one from the bottom
  • After being tied to the bottom side, fill the plastic that has been tied using a mixture of soil and manure
  • Fill it until it's really full and compress it but don't overcrowd it so that the roots can penetrate it enough as needed because it is only to eliminate the excess wind cavity in the mixture of soil and fertilizer.
  • After full, tie it at the top
  • Do not forget to give a hole after the bond graft has been perfectly finished. The purpose of giving a hole so that when growing roots is easy to water because when the roots have grown roots need moisture to live.
  • Wait about 3 months for longer or faster. Growing roots will appear in the holes we make for the entry of water above.

If indeed the roots have been seen, it can be seen that they are ready to be lowered and made into new bitits yet, by opening the plastic binder above carefully so that the soil is not destroyed because many roots will break up and will reduce the perfection of success. Open and see the roots have a lot or just a little if it is still a little cover and tie it again, and you still have to be patient.

But if there is a lot and looks old, it can be cut and lowered. If you want to plant it directly in the planting area, you can do it, but it must be shaded and flushed every day if it is dry, because when you drop, the roots are still tight and unable to find water and nutrients in the soil, so it still needs human intervention.

And even when large, it will be prone to drought because it has no root because it is the root that will search for water in the soil during the dry season. and that is one of the weaknesses of plant propagation by grafting. However grafts remain an option in the multiplication of fruit plants.

And that's a few steps in doing a plant transplant that I can share into this post. Keep trying and good luck.


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This is a much more sophisticated method that I've ever tried. I've only ever taken a cutting and used some rooting hormone on it.

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