Today's Promoted Posts: @micaelacf & @sherylneil

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Today's Global Homestead Collective promoted posts are by:

@micaelacf & @sherylneil

Hello everyone! We are still coming from Ohio to promote fellow homesteaders that have caught our attention! Both posts today contain some great DIY! If you find someone who deserves extra attention, please leave a link to their post in our discord channel under #post-promo-for-someone-else! 😀

~Stacie D @freedomtowrite

In today's post I want to talk about composting. Because the best way to start building a house is by laying the foundation, the best way to start cultivating is by the soil that will sustain the roots of our plants.


One of the things i enjoyed doing is arts and crafts. It gives me a sense of peace and comfort, and the best thing out of it is... At the end, you will have a beautiful product. It creates a sense of fulfillment on your part.


As a collective we are coming together! Uniting, Educating, and Encouraging each other by recognizing the hardwork that is going on all around us. We, as fellow homesteaders, are taking the time to recommend a post that is posted by another person that we feel should be noticed!

Todays's posts by @micaelacf and @sherylneil, and were recommended by @freedomtowrite! Every recommended post will receive 100% upvote from the GHSC and a resteem!

Check them out and then come join us on discord, and find out how you can earn GlobalHome coins!

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Thank you so much. It is an honor to be feautured in this amazing community.
Have a wonderful new year!

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I apologize for not seeing this sooner! You're welcome! Glad to have you apart of it!

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