GHSC Member Promotion!! 🎉

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We are hoping to make an impact here at the Global Homestead Collective! For the second week in a row we are promoting a member! This means we are taking some time to get to know them better by writing a post about them including an interview! Last week @nateonsteemit gave us some really interesting and entertaining answers! If you haven't read it yet, please click the link below!

Collective Interview With @nateonsteemit

Now in addition to this, we will reward them with a 75% payout, along with upvoting their posts 100% for that week!


How do we chose?

We are looking for members who are actively supporting the GHSC through tag use and on discord. But most importantly these individuals are also uplifting and promoting the community, and the members.

If you are like some of our members who are not on discord, no worries! We understand the amount of work it takes to run a self-reliant lifestyle, and not all things can fit in a day. Commenting on the GHSC posts and supporting each other through Steemit is enough!

The best part in finding members who qualify, is that we love hearing your suggestions! We are a Collective from all walks of life. This means that we love suggestions, and will happily consider your choices.

With this in mind, we asked @nateonsteemit, our first Promoted Member, who he would love to see promoted next. He gave some great suggestions and this is where we landed!

@bobydimitrov and his wife @bghandmade


But @ghscollective that's two people! Well, this is how we came to this decision. If you have spent anytime on our discord server, you will have definitely seen @bobydimitrov in almost all of our channels sharing pictures and having great conversations inspring other members. Now, if you are active on Steemit, you may have seen his wife @bghandmade using our tag! Sometimes being active is a team effort, and we recognize that! So we are happily including both of them! They will have to split the rewards! 😂

Keep an eye out for the Interview Post!

If you are looking for ways to help within our community please let us know! We would love to add more regular posts to our blog space, along with contests and giveaways! If that feels like more than you can give, simply keeping an eye out for anyone you feel needs extra recognition is perfect!

Join Us On Discord.


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Haha Thanks @checky! You've come through once again!

Yay! Go Boby and Gery! :)

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