And one for you...

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My new friend Olie is very friendly. I think that it is important to build...and keep a good relationship with him.


The heifers are getting excited, so he is getting pretty excited as well. He took a break from pacing the fence to come up for a snack. 

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Hi Olie!

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Gooday Olie! I just tried that dapp link but it don't work


Hhmm still brand new haha. Try

So cool. Contrary to many people's ideas around cows, they are pretty intelligent and have their own personalities. 

^ this comment was through the dApp :-)


Yes! The dApp is amazing! The cows seem pretty smart. Easy to train and bait. This week has been something...been pushed, stepped on and head butted

A good relationship with him is definitely important... I wouldn't want to mess with him when he gets angry...


That is for sure. He is awesome