Full Metal Jacket On GHRO Tonight @ 8PM EST!

in #ghro4 years ago

8 PM EST On the Canna-Curate Discord!
Tonight we got an assortment of metal and
some brand new 2019 tunes all lined up!

Gonna be a blast, so light it up and come listen.
Time to Get High on the Heavy! :-D

GHRO Show Schedule

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The Jon & Blunt Show
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Tuesdays - 7PM EST
SMASH! - Music, Talk

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Modern Hippie Hour

Wednesdays - 12:00PM EST
Maryjane Jams

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Seshjuan - Talk, News, Music

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The Real Resistance - News, Talk, Music

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Wicked Waves Radio

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Fried Radio

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Full Metal Jacket

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Growing the GREEN HOUSE

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From the Afterlife (Art Bell Archives)

The Last Sunday of every month - 7PM EST
DJ White Owl - Blessed Sessions

Hit that banner and come network and chill with like minded people.


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haha memories! man i haven't seen that film in a longggg time!

Yes, that film is def a classic. :-)

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