From 1 To 10 - Steemit Ashanti Growth Project Expansion

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What Is The Steemit Ashanti Growth Project About?

We intend to build our @steemitashanti account to help sustain and provide support to members we have brought and will bring on board and this will help to create a self-sustainable system and in effect create a Steemit Ashanti and Steemit Ghana beyond Aid

What Is New

We are expanding, from just one region to the whole of Ghana. From 1 to all 10 regions of Ghana

What that means in;

  • There will be more people to benefit from this system.
  • Our sp will grow and the growth will be used to bless us...
  • The more sp the higher the rewards

We monitor everything on and, Leave a comment with your region and #steemitashanti for immediate response

How The System Works:

We started this project in place to help and support those who support themselves.

There are 2 set of members

  • Support Members

  • Weekly Registered Members

To become a support member;

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  • Donate 100sp to @steemitashanti and get 75% auto upvote on all your posts.

  • Donate 50 sp to @steemitashanti and get 50% upvote automatically for 2 post max daily

  • Donate 25 sp to @steemitashanti and get 25% upvote automatically for 1 post max daily

  • Donate 10 sp to @steemitashanti and get 10% upvote automatically for 1 post max daily

Make sure to have enough SP (15+) left in your account for stability

To participate as a Weekly registered member

  • Send 1 sbd to @steemitashanti Weekly, with memo "kings and queens" to join for the week.

  • This will guarantee you a 25% upvote from the @steemitashanti account.

Every week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday..... So Join while it starts, else you will be shuffled to the next week.

NB: This weeks registration is open till the end of the day

Combined Membership

This will migrate and cause an increase of upvote of registered members by 25% (75% to 100% and 50% to 75%.....) if they pay their weekly contribution.

Currently, new members are randomly selected and supported by a 25% upvote.

We are all to join a the @steemitashanti trail at auto and get extra benefits.

All sbd's received will be used to support the community events, obtaining external delegation, promoting post among others.

Currently the number of Supporting and Registered members are very few and we still testing and working things out







Our Curation trailers Will Surprise you with wonderful upvotes.

Join Our Trail And Enjoy The Gains - Steemit Ashanti (Let's Grow Together, Let's Go Far)

Current Trailers


Trailers will benefit in curation rewards and we will be given random upvotes to them too

Delegations from well-wishers and people who want to support the Steemit Ashanti Community are gladly welcome.

In case of any revision, we will notify everyone


Photo Credit: Unsplash

This project is made possible by the leadership of the steemitashanti team, @anaman, @mcsamm, @collinz, @odsam2 and @jeeandmee

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This will truely aid and help most stand on their feet. We can only prevail if we help eachother, we may not have those large steem powers but we can appreciate the littlw we get

Growing together is so incredible..lets work together for greatness

Great initiative, go higher steemitashanti!

Seeing you guys push forward motivates us all to do our possible best. Kudos

still on the move Go there @steemitashanti 💪

Passing by and Upvoted you :) !
“I do not have a problem with people killing themselves, as long as they took at least a hundred years to think about what they are about to do.” ====> Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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Good initiative ,go higher

Good initiative, go up steemiashanti

Team work..That's great..