Upadate: SteemX Ghana 90% ready for launch.

in ghana •  11 months ago

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Our vision, passion and drive

As we move towards causing a change and bringing in more investors from the Ghana community, we will like to keep you abreast with the current status of the SteemX Ghana site. Our team has worked tirelessly towards making this a reality, because of our love and commitment towards the Steem Block chain.

From the onset our goal has been to enlist Africa among the world as great beneficiaries of the block chain technology. Most individuals who were having difficulties understanding, converting and buying into the block chain technology now have an opportunity to do so because of the simple and friendly user interface of Steemexchanger (SteemX).

Our charges are little or nothing compared to the bottle necks and cut throat charges by other exchangers because we are a community friendly and development team and our sole aim is not to make profit but to help in developing the steemit community and putting a smile on the face of our users.

The current state of the SteemX Ghana site

It is no news that the steemX has commenced plans towards creating an exchange site for the Ghana community. Development by our team has always been underground for a while. Currently the site is 90% ready for launch because all that is required has been put in place. Below are some of the pictures of the site’s interface. It is very easy to use and the pay is instant, eliminating other rigorous processes that has stood as a barrier to investors and Steemians in Ghana.

Screenshot (189).png

Screenshot (191).png

Screenshot (192).png

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