TJ Bar Ao Nang (krabi restaurant / bar).... sorry, it's crap!

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Sports bars.... We need them because a lot of people quite enjoy sports. I am maybe one of those people but it really isn't important that I am. I know the difference between a place that is trying and place that isn't. TJ's is not trying... they are horrible.


This place is just awful in every regard. The menu is expensive (expected - tourist area,) the place is dirty (same) and when you sit down you might think that you would be accosted immediately by staff trying to sell you stuff but no.... you are not


This might be the ONLY tourist place that I have ever been in my life where you will be pretty much completely ignored by the staff once you are inside. It is horrible. We were about to leave when a waitress, finally walked up to us and was rude about us trying to get out of there (she didn't know I can speak Thai but said something about me being stingy to another waitress.)

We should have just left at this point but we didn't at my insistence.

The food was garbage, the service was non-existant, and while i would love to say that there was some sort of redeeming quality like maybe the sports were awesome... they were not also.

It is not often in my life that I can say that a place should just be avoided because normally it is a matter of perspective. However this place doesn't just seem to not want customers, they seem to have a sense of disdain for the ones that do happen to walk through their doors.


Go and eat literally anywhere else

TJs is in AO Nang and can best be avoided by eating really anywhere else. YOu can see a McDonalds from TJ's and as silly as this sounds... McDonalds is a massive improvement from TJs.

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Wow, two shitty ones in a row. It happens and that is reality though. These places need to learn that when you have competition a tv showing sport can't save you. Bad service can kill a place and good to know for anyone travelling there. I normally leave and don't wait, I am not overly fussy, but have standards that I expect. It helps when you speak the language as at least you know what they are saying about you. I hope you didn't leave a tip and told her you are stingy.


i agree with everything you wrote there :)

Dang, Another terrible place. That McDonalds, Tjs diss thou lol

Let them go to hell
The last thing that was lacking was that you entered a place with your money, which humiliated you or treated you in a humiliating way @gooddream

I too believe in avoiding such places, It's good you shared an honest review without any sugarcoat.
Keep up with amazing work.

Too bad. I have some experiences like this before where the resto looks good outside but the service is bad. Better to eat yummy thai street foods than this one.