Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri: Good stuff

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I watched this because it was on a list of good films that i found somewhere on the interwebs and it doesn't disappoint. I believe it was nominated for a bunch of awards and won some of them but I will just focus on my impressions instead of the major critics.


This movie, before we get into the plot stars Frances McDormond, Woody Harrelson, and Sam Rockwell. That alone is enough reason to watch the film immediately... we don't even need to know anything else because this trifecta is bound to produce awesomeness.

The story follows a woman who is frustrated with her community over the unsolved rape/ murder of her daughter and how to draw attention to the fact that it is unsolved, she purchases 3 billboards leading into the town. Her idea is incredibly effective and actually changes the lives of the people inside of that community to a dramatic degree (this film is entirely fictional by the way.)

The people involved in the story are all completely innocent in that the unsolved crime is truly unsolvable - as some crimes are. However, the actions that she takes by booking the billboards starts to make everyone in the community think and act differently than before. Some of their choices make good life changes, others not so much.


anyone who reads my stuff will say that I am incredibly critical of USA films because they are so predictable, but this is NOT one of those films. It kind of leads you down a path of "oh, i know what will happen next" and then takes a totally different direction. Perhaps that is why Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell both won Golden Globes for their performances.


The only reason why i can't review this one "through the roof" is because of the fact that there are certain unbelievable elements involved in the movie where anyone other than the most inept police force would definitely pick up on (such as the police station being on fire and you are sitting across the street but because Peter Dinklange vouches for you, you are free to go.)

Here is the trailer

If you dislike the "usual bullcrap" that comes out of Hollywood the way that I do... I can assure you: That is now what this is. It is a great film and even though it kind of lulls in certain parts, stick with it - you will not regret your decision.

As usual I have intentionally been vague in my description / review because I don't want to spoil the film

8 / 10

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This movie I went into almost blind, but I came out of the theater with it probably being my favorite film in the last year. This film is so smart at being able to keep you at the edge of your seat from simple things that they plug into the film. Heartbreaking and tense situations in the first half of the film come back in some shape or form that leave you questioning what is going to happen. There was genuinely no predicting what the characters were going to do and how they would react to certain events. This unpredictability doesn't just apply to situations, but possibly more notable in character arcs. Without giving to much away, there is a character in this film that does everything possible for you to hate them in the first half, and by the end of the film you are rooting for said character. There's times where the characters that you cared for are becoming real and dis-likable in certain scenes, but to the point of more so being genuinely worried about how their choices will affect them. The movie is very nice to see, and I would recommend it to everyone.


as usual, your synopsis is spot on. I went in not even knowing that 3 of my favorite actors are in it. Excellent film.

Just came out of this movie 2 hours ago and I’m still trying to process what I just seen, it’s only June and it’s probably the best movie I’ve seen all year. Cannot praise Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand enough 🙌🏻 there were scenes were the audience erupted with laughter, then there were scenes when you could here a pin drop and and I’m pretty sure you could here a few people shed a tear or two, well done Martin McDonagh you’ve outdone yourself 🙌🏻

Hello @gooddream i heard about this movie but i didnt saw it. If i have time i will watch .first of all thank you for sharing your thoughts and your reviews. Frances dormand i came know about her this year only because she got academy award(oscar) for best actress this year.i thought she was young but when i searched in google she is old lady.but she has good acting skills what i believe thats why she got that much of awards.
Thank yiu

Been one of the time you talked about Hollywood movie in this good manner should be enough reason for everyone to watch the three bill boards outside.

Merely looking at the face of the woman and the bill boards behind her and her terrible look on the man up there develop the curiosity to know what's going on in the movie in me.. Lol

8/10 is a good grade, especially for Hollywood movies...

I went out to the theater to see this one. Felt a bit weird when this ends. The final scene was a head scratcher after I devoting all my time trying to decide who to root for or hate more. My emotions like a pendulum. I don’t even think I cared for how they wrote the daughter. Given the one maybe two flashbacks of her, I gather she was a bit of a nasty waste witch. So strange.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the flick, Definitely see it if you haven’t. Worth renting it.

Owk nice, thanks a lot for this review. If thwre is anything i hate in movies, its being able to predict them. It makes the movie kinda boring.

The trifecta you mentioned are people i am not quite familiar with. But since they have been featured im your review and have been said to have won the golden globes for their performance, i think i will look out more foe their featured movies.

Such a great film.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

The review of this is very inviting and so is the rating of the movie . I have a list of movies I could say recommended by you, I’d watch those I can find you n the cinema and those I can’t I’d definitely download them . Thanks for sharing my friend

This movie is awesome :) I really enjoyed watching it.

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it, no paper notices on downtown posts and billboards, no mentions or advertisements in local newspapers. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not...

i also see this . Really a great flip they are made . I hope it's make history in box office .

Frances is such a good actress, I hope this gets on Netflix

A remarkable short narration description. Really curious and can not wait to watch it. Thanks @gooddream!

Oh yeah! is very good, I can not believe that you have some negative comments here about her, in my opinion it has been the best movie I've seen. But good for taste colors

If my memory serves me right i think is the first hollywood rate that u have actually mentioned eluded your prediction, it will an interesting one to watch😊.