Point Break: We didn't need a reboot

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Point Break is one of those epic films that someone was always going to come along and remake. I normally accuse these directors and writers of being lazy and having no imagination but Hollywood will continue to do it because: Money.

The original Point Break film made in 1991 stars Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze as well as a bunch of other people (including Anthony Kieidis from Red Hot Chili Peppers.) The acting is fantastic, even Keanu's. I consider Patrick Swayze one of my favorite actors from the 80's and 90's so him appearing as the main villain was a very welcome addition for me.


Reeves plays the role of Johnny Utah, an ex football player who is now an FBI agent and is assigned to investigate a group of bank robbers known as the "Ex-Presidents" because of the masks they wear when robbing the banks.


They are successful in robbing the banks because they are efficient and never too greedy. They never go for the vault and they are in and out long before the police arrive. It is discovered that the "Ex-Presidents" are surfers somehow (I don't remember how this is discovered) but Utah must learn how to surf in order to infiltrate their organization. I can surf....barely... it is very difficult and i think the film portrays his difficulty in learning pretty accurately.

He manages to win over the trust of Swayze, who he later discovers is the leader of the group. There is a bit of a problem because Reeves and Swayze genuinely get along so "Utah" faces a bit of an ethical dilemma of busting what has become his good friend.

Since this is a Hollywood film, you already know that the good guys win. I personally think the film would have been better if Reeves had decided that hanging with his newfound friends is actually better than his devotion to his job with the FBI - then we could have had a sequel as well. However, despite the fact that the film takes the usual path of virtue always wins, it doesn't end in the usual boring way that we expect. I won't spoil this part for the people out there that haven't seen it (and if you have seen the remake and NOT the original, I am disappointed in you.)

Here is the trailer

The trailer doesn't do the film justice. This is just the way trailers were in the early 90's.

I rate this movie pretty highly because it is fantastic for an action film. It has great acting, a unique storyline, and some interesting cinematography as well as crazy stunts.

8 / 10

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This movie came out the year I was born, and I swear to god is my favorite move of all time. It's just beyond classic. You have Neo, teamed up with a Ghost, and they're almost always either Surfing, Partying, or Robbing Banks. I mean how can you go wrong.
Remake wasn't a bad movie, but honestly super different in my opinion.


what a great follow up! I can still watch this movie today and enjoy it. It has tremendous re-watch value.

Hehehe funny enough i actually saw the remake and never knew there was an original. Well shame on me afterall.

But the remake was dope also. It was one movie i really enjoyed.

I love your movie reviews and it seems you are a mjvie freak. I would love if you reviewed new movies so we would know what to go for, so we dont get tk waste our money most times going to see a dumb movie in the cinema.


I would like to do that too. Unfortunately, i live in small city in Thailand so the international movies that make it to the cinema here, more often than not, are overdubbed in Thai - which i can understand but I feel that the "feeling" in an actor's voice makes the film and all of that is eliminated once you dub over it. :)

I want to give it to 7/10 Its my Personal Rating for this Movie.

We already knew where an Hollywood movies would end after the first 5 to 10 scenes, nothing like suspense at all..lol

I've not seen the movie or heard about it before because it is as old as myself, we were both born in the same year .. Lol

I would try and see if I can get hold of it, to see what the movies was like during the year of my birth... Smile

8/10 is a pretty cool rating for a movie as old as that...

The original Point Break was mostly known for its memorable bromance between Utah and Bodhi and some of its greatest action scenes ever put to film. Either way, this remake doesn't bring enough justice to the cult classic. Its new approach, instead of a simple undercover cop thriller, is now a globe-trotting adventure featuring daredevils who are pulling off a grand stunt show. Though the stunts are impressive at times, it still pales in comparison with the original. The characters are bland, the plot makes no sense and every moment it tries to replicate with the original is just painfully forced for the sake of what they believe it's called "fan service." Therefore, there isn't much reason for Point Break (2015) to exist.

I love the remade version of Point Break, didn't enjoy the original. I don't know why

Lol, i have watched point break the latest one ofcos not the 90s, had it not been for your post i wouldn't have know it was actually a remake, but man it is indeed a great movie to watch, full packed with stunts and action, those near death experiences, they are just crazy.

Agreed. Hollywood is so lazy. Nothing but comic books and remakes.

Movie point breaks starring actor classmates Reeves keanu indeed very interesting to watch, especially the beauty of the scene, a variety of exciting attractions done in natural open and without safeguarding.Really adrenaline.
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Well i dont know about the 80s but it seems Keanu Reeves is a kinda good actor now. If you watch Matrix you will see how excellently he performed and also in John WICKed one and two

supper film. every day I watch move.

I saw this film some time ago on TV, maybe they didn't go through the whole thing of censorship, what I remember is the fact that the intelligence of the detective represented by Keanu Reeves to maintain his hypothesis, given that his FBI buddies were not so sure of his theory, his ability and perseverance to learn and master the art of surfing (which in my opinion is not so easy and always involve a risk). On the other hand, the performance of Patrick Swayze, as captain or gang leader, especially his way of seeing life and his way of being faithful to his convictions, even if they are wrong for ordinary people, but very especially the way of being faithful to friendship, beyond being faithful to a friend, that loyalty more honest than in other excerpts and regardless of the conditions.
I share with you that it could have had a better ending and perhaps a better message of strengthening friendship.


hey there friend! Thanks for that, it was nice to see such a long write-up about that. Have a great day :)

I guess I'll need to watch both versions of the movie. I always enjoy watching Keanu Reeves.

Swayze!! Road House. Need I say more??

The story line I feel was remade with The Fast And The Furious. Am I alone on this one? :-/

Great movie though. Forgot about it and may need to Netflix it very soon.