Oldboy (Korean): hands down one of the best

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This was the first Korean movie that I had ever seen and I have been relatively hooked on Korean cinema ever since. Oldboy is the second in the Vengeance Trilogy and just like in the original star wars films from the 80's, the 2nd one was the best.


It stars a team of very talented actors including my personal favorite, Choi Min-sik.


You don't need to just take my word for Choi Min-sik's talent though, as he is widely regarded as one of the best actors in Korea of all time. He spends a great deal of the time in "Oldboy" acting alone, which most actors would agree is the most difficult type of acting to do (Just ask Tom Hanks or James Franco.)

Choi Min-sik plays Oh Dae-su, who starts the film out drunk and getting bailed out of jail by a friend. Then while attempting to call his daughter at a pay phone he is inexplicably kidnapped and is being held prisoner in what appears to be a hotel room. He spends years in this cell and is never told why he is here and he never has any other contact with other people. He spends his time watching TV and of course, trying to escape.

He is eventually released and then spends his time trying to find his captors and also his daughter. I hesitate to tell much more because like most Korean films there are surprise moments that if someone tells you about it kind of ruins the whole film. Even the trailer is extremely vague for the same reason.

I don't want to talk about the USA remake of this movie directed by Spike Lee because it really gets on my nerves when Hollywood remakes epic films and then ruins them. Watch the Korean one, even though you will have to read it. The overdubbed version of it is dumb, because so much of the emotion is conveyed in the actor's voices, even if you don't understand the words.

Overall, this movie started a wonderful habit in my life because before watching it I have never considered watching Korean movies or even knew how great they were. This one is ranked by many major publications as being one of the top 100 movies ever made. CNN ranked it in the "top ten Asian movies of all time."

If you only take one piece of film advice from me ever it would be to watch this movie. I can find no flaws in it at all.

10 / 10

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This is the very first time I’d see you give a movie 10/10 if I’m not wrong. You see Choi Min-sik is also my favorite, I’ve been enthralled by his movies everytime any day. This one is a must watch for me
What a movie review my friend . You’re much appreciated for sharing this with us. Merci boucoup mon ami

About korean movies, we have one of the best movies coming from them. I guess this is a new release coz i havent heard of it yet.

Recently saw a chinese movie by name Wolf Warrior2 and j was wowed. I saw the part 1 some years back and loved it but the sequel was second to none. Asian movies are really cool and tye directors are very good.

From your review of oldboy. The movie seems very interesting and ama check it out.


thanks for the suggestion. I will check that film out as well :)

10/10 i thnk this is the first time i have seen you give a full rate like this, the movie must have really gotten to you then, am a fun of Korean movies myself and you know and most korean lovers will tell you Choi Min Silk is a legendary actor, if i didnt have any other reason to watch this, i'd watch because he is in, thanks for the post bro, i will be sure to watch this, so far all your recommended movies have been nice

This is by far one of the BEST foreign movies I've ever seen. Oldboy is a lot better than the other two movies in the vengeance trilogy, both of which I found terribly dull in comparison. I really liked the whole movie and I felt that the twist at the end was really well done and was the factor that made this film so much better than others

Great post
I am really surprised that a movie freak like you dont like korean movies.I find Koran movies veru interesting e.g Jumong,Blood,Iris,City Hunter,A man called God and so on.The korean movie industry is comming up actually.Love the way you rated this movie

If you can give old boy a better score than 10/10, I think it deserve it. If you haven't watch it, you are missing a lot. Hahahaha

The suspense, the action, the graphics and everything about old boy are just too accurate, narrating it more than what @gooddream has done would spoil the show... Lol

Can you imagine American replicating the story (they should cover their faces), I think it would be polite for them to employ this Korean guys to be writing for them if they lack the clue of good storyline. I don't know how those Korean guys usually come up with their stories, almost 100% of their movies are epic... Hahaha

You gave this a 10? I need to watch it. You're right, the
trailer is kinda vague. I'll be honest, I have not watched
many foreign films, but I am always up for new experiences.
I just might find a great love for them, who knows?

I have not seen the movie @gooddream but once my cousin told me about the movie she is a fan of Korean music, movies, drama, etc so she told me to watch the movie and told me its really a nice movie but i never got the time to watch the movie, thanks for sharing the movie again i hope i'll watch this now as two Korean cinema lovers have told me to watch this movie, looking forward to download it online, thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

I dont really watch korean movies, i saw a series some years back, Jumong. I don't even know if its korean and the movie was amazing but after watching The Man Called God, i started having my reservations. The way you spoke about the movie makes it look interesting, I will add it up. Lol

Good story line and taken away from his daughter for 15 years and had to find those who hid him. We all know a good movie from a thriller. Good picture quality.

I will take your advice and look for this movie

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How can you not like the Korean movie? It can not be. I only saw a bit of this movie, but I did not get caught watching it, I am the kind of person that if it does not attract me 2 minutes I do not want to keep watching it, this is very different from the Korean movies I've seen. But I do not want to say that Korean movies are not the best

How can you not like the Korean movie? It can not be. I only saw a bit of this movie, but I did not get caught watching it, I am the kind of person that if it does not attract me 2 minutes I do not want to keep watching it, this is very different from the Korean movies I've seen. But I do not want to say that Korean movies are not the best

How nice to be able to enjoy that movie, very well detailed, in what I can look for it and I will see it, thanks for sharing!