Hot Ones (tube channel): A really interesting way to do interviews

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This is in reference to episode 1 of season 8 where the special guest is arguably the most famous chef in the world: Gordon Ramsay.


If you don't know what "Hot Ones" is, i would not be surprised even though they average millions of views. It is a show where celebrities come on the show and conduct an interview with Sean Evans about various things, mostly it is obviously to promote something that the guest is involved in.

The twist is that the interview is conducted over a plate of chicken wings that gradually increase in spiciness, the final one being a sauce that is so unbelievable spicy that it really was never meant to be enjoyed. The final sauce, which is actually made by the creators of the show, has a Scoville rating (a spiciness measuring system) of over 2 million. To give you an idea of how absurdly spicy this is, Tabasco's flagship red sauce has a Scoville rating of around 5,000.

All the guests start out just fine as the sauces are extremely mild, but you can see how it becomes more and more difficult for them to actually carry on and they lose their concentration, start hiccuping, spitting up water, or are simply unable to continue.


Gordon came prepared with a bunch of things to assist him and at one point he was chugging about half a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Some of the other items include citrus (would that help? Seems to me it would make it worse - I suppose Gordon would know) and sweet donuts to attempt to counter the burn.

At the very end Gordon, whose entire body is still on fire from the 2 million plus burn, has to walk Sean Evans through making the perfect scrambled eggs. Normally a composed and arrogant person, Gordon has a very difficult time getting through this.

I don't even know how I originally encountered this show. I must have been searching for chicken wing recipes because I really love me some hot wings. However, I don't think that food should be punishing and well, i would imagine that that top sauce is not terribly enjoyable for really anyone. Sean Evans seems to handle it pretty well, that guy must have a tongue made of lead.

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Alten Brown was on the show and ranked the hotsauces inter terms of flavor. Once you get through about half the sauces he says the only flavor is lots of vinegar and burn. He also brought half and half to counter the burn.

If you haven't watched his version of hot ones it's a definite must watch as well. I think he was on last seasons?


thanks for the tip. I will definitely do that!

Going to watch this. One you must watch is Gordon,Fred and Gino. The three go on a road trip and is 3 episodes. A must watch.


i'm on it. thanks for the tip, as always!

This is an excellent show. There's a similar one that floats around on the blockchain, but I can't remember the name of it, unfortunately.

Haha awesome, I am going to watch this one now. I’ve watched a few and some of the guests hang in there pretty well! The final few wings would be so fiery... let’s see how Gordon does 😂

I literally watched this two days ago. I did feel like GR was a bit over dramatic in this one, but it was well done. Rest of the series is amazing and just generally fun.

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I watch this show when I'm eating homemade wings. Bit meta, but yeah. Air fryer is the way to go.

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I feel pity on the celebrities coming on the show, brave heart or I should say Lead tongue :P That is certainly different kind of show.
I liked the review that is kind of realistic like you are talking to some known about the stuff.
Keep flourishing.