Guild Wars 2 classes: Ranger

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Again I will state that if you are not interested in playing the game this wont be very meaningful to you. However, Guild Wars 2 is free to play and is a pretty great alternative to WoW, if you are into that sort of thing.

In my opinion, the second easiest class to play "right out of the box" is the Ranger. This has a lot to do with the fact that well, you are most likely going to be primarily using a ranged weapon.


The longbow, as it might suggest in the name, has one of the longest ranges in the game. Meaning you can put a great deal of distance between you and your enemy. The shortbow and even the axe have good enough range that you can stay out of melee distance pretty easily. The ranger is able to use some melee weapons such as the sword also, but since i prefer to keep my distance I never really tried that.

One other reason to use the ranger is the fact that it is the only profession in the game other than Necromancer that has helpers. Throughout various parts of the game you have the chance to "charm" animals and make them your pets. There are lots of these and there are a wide variety of them including bears, jaguars, spider, sharks, and even small dragons.

each pet has different attributes and special abilities

Just like the necromancer the pet can take damage for you and if you plan it right the enemy will be primarily attacking it and it can take more damage than you can for some reason. This increases the ranger survival rate dramatically.

The pets need to be charmed and are located all over the world of Tyria. So gathering them all is kind of like a whole side quest. You don't need them all and can only have 2 equipped at any time but some people like to complete everything (and trust me when i say it is going to take a while.)

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I wanted to play this so bad when it came out and thanks to you I'm gonna give it a shot!

Pretty simply, there aren't any other better candidates for mobile, ranged, damage dealers in this game. Granted it's not the optimal group PvE setup, but it's effective in both PvP and WvW roaming, and open world, for what mentioning that is worth.

Besides that, I've leveled and put numerous hours into every class. The ones I have stuck with the most are Ranger, Engineer, Mesmer, and Warrior, with Rev and Necro for "loot tagging."

I think you are better at this game than I am. I personally couldn't get on board with Engineer although they are quite popular now for leather farming.

With the graphics perfect like this, I'm sure this game will be superb to do, I can't wait to download it and play with the brief explanation you give on it.

better get started, the download with a good internet connection will still take all day to complete.

Really, I'm doing that already, may be I should use Wi-Fi. I think it will be more faster.

This is more than a game to me, it is an adventure and a lifestyle... Lol

Probably because the gameplay look this great that's why you don't bother about the rating.. Smile

I will love to try it out.

this extraordinary @gooddream, I am very menyukainnya, succeeded always for you.

I hope one could charm these kind of animals in real life to protect myself from robbers hahahahaha

Lol, so that's what the ranger can do? I thnk she more cool than the Necromancer don't you think so? Being able to charm animals looks fun and they get to take the hit for u, surely their resistance will be higher than raised ghost cos they are already dead😄

I have all the classes leveled and most of them are really enjoyable to play. I'll admit, Ranger is one of my least played classes. I think Mirage Mesmer is currently the most rewarding play-style once you get the hang of it. Dragon Hunter Guardian is the easiest spec atm (imho).

My wife (who doesn't play all that much) loves her ranger. I highly recommend ranger as a starting profession if its someone first time playing.

completely agree. Ranger is one of the best noob classes. I've never really understood the cleric aspect of it though.