Gringo (documentary): I gotta investigate if this is true but in the meantime, damn.

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This is a documentary about John McAfee, who if you don't know, is a bit of an eccentric dude to say the least. I have always found him amusing and intelligent, which i don't think anyone can deny. This film however, if it is presented in a truthful manor, kind of reveals him to be a bit of a nutcase and perhaps very dangerous.


John made a crap-ton of money by creating anti-virus software, but then it seems as though things kind of went to crazy-town after that. The stories in this documentary kind of focus on mainly the time that he spent in Belize and was very capable of doing kind of whatever he wanted to do. There is no doubt that he was a bit of a megalomaniac and this came to an apex in the complex that he set up in Belize when he had the cops and the locals as his subjects.


It is difficult while watching this doco to kind of not feel a little bit bad for John, because many of the people that he encountered in his weirdness he actually improved a lot of their lives.

Make no mistake, this documentary is a bit disturbing but I can't help but wonder if it isn't intentionally painted in a bad sense towards the man. I don't really have an opinion towards him because he is definitely weird, but the community that he occupied in Belize was actually made a lot safer because of his personal overrule of the local, corrupt police force. It is a matter of opinion and I have not bothered to fact-check any of it yet.


This man was a very important part of the history of computers as we know them today. I don't know if his suite of software products are used at all anymore, but there is no denying that he was quite instrumental in the anti-virus industry as a whole.

I don't want to ruin the "story" for any of you out there, but this is actually a very informative documentary that can have a number of interpretations about either McAfee is a nutjob, or perhaps it is an exposure of the government of Belize's corruption that he tried to correct. You be the judge.

I would imagine you care about computers and perhaps the people who were a big part of their development over time. If you do, then seriously consider watching this

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Actually, John McAfee is one of the icon and respected person in the world of business esp in cryptocurrency. His tweets definitely draws movement in the market either to spike or drops the currency. His influence in business is like the "El Chapo" of Mexico, LOL - He is just so influential in the business.

The part of "little bit bad for John" Do you mean that many of the people who know him is because his money?. (president of the united states? ) I'm goong to watch it.

I am usually hesitant when documentary movie maker make themselves inclusive casts in their
film. However, Nanette Burstein in this case straddles that aspect nicely, especially when the subject of her film would not speak to her! But McAfee eventually did.... via email. And near the end of the movie when she was able to "corner" the subject of her film, the result was interestingly recorded all on camera. I admire her persistence in tracking down friends, associates, and witnesses, and the results truly speak for themselves. Is John McAfee crazy person? a brilliant media provocateur? An I.T genius? All the three? I will not spoil anything, but let me just say that the interviews held with the "girlfriends" were one of the most shocking interviews I have seen. Let's leave it at that. In conclusion, the documentary held my interest and was produced very well.

Wow. Gotta see this, thanks!

I didn't know nothing about the guy, especially his eccentric personality. Interesting story.