Get the Gringo (film): Mel Gibson's return?

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I have to admit i wrote this because a lot of the resources that i was attempting to use for my last article about McAfee's documentary were redirecting me to this film and it occurred to me that this film is actually pretty good.


The film begins with a group of people having a high-speed chase to get away from US police by crashing through the border wall (that won't be possible soon) into Mexico. Mel Gibson is one of the people in the car and it is found that there is a bunch of money in the car as well which piques the interest of the corrupt Mexican authorities on the scene.


It is actually a great start to the film and upon the closing of the opening scenes it begins to look like a prolonged episode of Prison Break is upon us for the next few hours and in many ways, yeah, that is exactly what is happening.

As the only Caucasian person in the prison, Mel Gibson (named Richard Johnson - which might just be a way of making a person be named Dick, twice) has to figure out how to get out of the prison and of course, becomes a hero to many other innocent prisoners in the meantime and even has time to fire up a romance of sorts (it wouldn't be a Hollywood film if these things didn't happen.)

He also befriends kids and become a father figure of sorts, which just completes the circle of predictable film-making,


Ok, so this film is predictable AF, for sure - but this doesn't necessarily mean it is bad, because i don't believe that it is. This is actually a really entertaining film and a lot of its prestige might stem from the fact that this was right around the time that Gibson was a bit disgraced because of some footage that emerged of him being arrested in an embarrassing drunken manor right around the time this movie came out. It was released under a different title in other parts of the world. One of which was "How I spent my Summer Vacation" and that is the motif of this trailer.

Mel Gibson wrote the script himself and played the lead role and was also a major player in the production. I have no idea how much money it made, if any. I didn't bother to look that up. All I am saying is that I quite enjoy this movie, and if you haven't seen it... well, you should.

7.5 / 10

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Great film..I watched this film last week, i thought this was a very underrated movie, I never thought any connection to payback, yeah fun little action movie, other reviewers are so annoying and have a cheesy persona, so don't like that, I do like your enthusiastic but laid back approach, keep up the good job!

hehehe great film, I watched it two times i think. "Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence" 🤔

este trailer me inpresiona y me gusto leer sobre esto