American Made: true-ish... worth watching

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I wonder if the success of Narcos had anything to do with why they made this movie. Since i mistrust Hollywood pretty much across-the-board (and Tom Cruise for the matter,) i suspect that yeah, maybe that was their test audience.

It's a good story though and it is based a lot of the way in fact too. If you know anything about me by following this blog you already know that I appreciate non-fiction.

the Russians influenced this poster - likely the whole film

American Made (A film that i watched only today because the file type didn't work with my previous media player) follow the life of an actual human being named Barry Seal in his operations that started as accidentally working with the CIA and that (by his own greed-tsk tsk) turned into drug-running, and making crap tons of money because of it. There isn't a lot of information that i could find in the 20-or-so-minutes that i dedicated to making sure that Barry Seal is actually a real person, but from what I can determine.... Yes, he is (or at least that is what the man wants us to think.)


Barry Seal was just a TWA pilot that was hand-selected by the CIA to fly reconnaissance missions over Central and South American countries in the late 70's and early 80's to take photographs for the gubment who was desperately looking to fight communism. He was selected (according to the film) because he was young, extremely talented, and had already been "busted" for moving prohibited Cuban cigars into the US on his flights via Canada. This begins a very long and drawn out circus that results in him getting awarded his own airstrip in America and basically given a free pass to do whatever he wants until the U.S.A. decides they can no longer be associated with him.

Throw my anti-government cynicism to the side for second. This film, despite having Tom Cruise in it, is actually quite good. Whether or not the story is true is something we will likely never know. However, if it is complete fantasy... it is a great story.... If it has some truth to it, it is a BETTER story. It is therefore worth watching and I regret that my own computer issues prevented me from doing so until today.

Whether or not the storyline is actually true... i honestly don't care. We watch films to escape reality for a little while and I have a hard time believing someone like Tom Cruise would ever be involved in anything that gathered too much government attention because you know... he has to protect that silly church of his.

I give this one 7 / 10

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The movie is absolutely a banger just that the actual truth was distorted.
In real life, Barry Seal was fired from TWA in '72 when he was charged with smuggling plastic explosives across Mexico. He flew tons of coke into the States for multiple drug kingpins, including Escobar. When he was busted, he started working for the DEA as an informant. He was overweight, poisoned his fellow Americans with drugs; and didn't care about his family enough to enter WITSEC. From a historical perspective, it should be taken with a grain of salt that a guy like Seal, given his position, can be placed in a situation where everything is cool, time after time after time after time again.
Overall, I would say it is a good movie, full of action but very lengthy. I would rate it at 7.5/10 tho


Thanks for the add-on pal. You clearly know more about the reality behind the film than I do. And you gave it .5 more of a score than I did.!

It was a good movie though (as I am sure you agree) and it kept me interested the whole way through.

Am soso inlove with this movie, its a wild one. From the beginning its got me cracking up, that part he was diving the plane to wake up those passengers sleeping. So funny.

And that other part he crash land a plane filled with drugs and he was all white head to toe.

Also when he got arrested and about 4 agencies were claiming ownership. Its one hell of a movie my friend


you have proven you have actually seen it. There is no way you could have used Bing that quickly. :P

Hello @gooddream, I have watched this movie and it is Tom cruise 's one of the finest works. I really like his acting. And the movie was a bit underrated but I found it really amazing.
Thanks a lot for sharing this post with us and I really like your way of reviewing the movies you watch. Looking for more of such posts.

Tom cruise is my fav first i thought this movie was like tom cruise mission impossible while I was watching the trailer but when i watched the movie it was beyond my expectations and it had lots of funny moments and epic ones too like that plane crash seen as already mentioned in your comment section. I already told you @gooddreams i like your reviews and the way u present then i support you..

Wow this movie is really nice. I like Tom cruise and his acting skills. I see you have rated it 7 out of 10.
You are doing a great job, I have started following you and I saw that you post about movies a lot. Seems you watch a lot of movies @gooddream. This is so great. Good work, will be around for some more reviews and movies to watch. Thank you

It's fun to enjoy. The movie is amazing and is played by an incredible actor. Thanks for sharing @ gooddream! I like it very much. Regards!

Lol, is quite unfortunate i havent watched this movie, am die hard fun of Tom Cruise irrespective of his fiction stories, am glad you brought this out, and i know from the look fo things it would be a great movie to watch

Thanks for this review , look really amazing movie ,sure i will watch it .

this movie is very great, I've been watching it, the movie starring tom cruise there is a movie full of action, like mision imposible, success always make you @goddreem.