GTKM or Get To Know Me challenge by Eric the Wanderer (Top 10-ish posts selection)

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Sipping my morning coffee and going over my feed and comment responses, if you can call it a morning when it is half past noon - but somewhere over atlantic it is morning and I abide to that logic. However I stumbled upon this post from @llfarms and knowing her writing style and "web" all over steemit/discord I got intrigued in this challenge and immediately opened it. what is inside? @anomadsoul has another contest slightly different. I missed his announcement due to some personal shit I'm going through in my illusory life out of steemit but that is why we have resteem and connected feeds all over excellent authors and good people of steemit platform.

CHALLENGE | GET TO KNOW ME | 50 Steem in Prizes - @anomadsoul

Select your top ten posts, those that you want everyone to read, and make a kick ass compilation.

I will try to keep old posts - since newer ones are easier to scroll and they got much more publicity but lets see what happens. Since my neat sorting and OCD side is screaming to kick in I will arrange these posts in categories :)

So lets start with my first curie, trending page for a day and unbeaten experience from motorsports up to this moment.

1. Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Unforgetable Paddock Experience at Yas Marina Circuit

Rainy Saturday morning is perfect time to write about my first ever Formula One race weekend experience, and how I fulfilled my childhood dream.

This post got so much attention but after the hype next one was zero... nothingness - landing back to normality after dreamland of trending page. I found about lots of great people and I will put this shoutout here as a next post.

2. I Reached 1500SP - Here is my Steemit/Curie story

So here is a block of few scientific posts I wrote for steemSTEM since what the fuck I am scientist after all and I like to share interesting stuff about our universe which WAS my subject of my research so far, more about my future research later in the text. :)

3. Will Supernova Light Up the Second Sun on Earth?

In the recent years we are bombarded by the media and false news about End of the World, Solar storms, incoming Planet X – Nibiru. One of the very popular myths said: Betelgeuse will explode in an extremely powerful supernova and create a second Sun in our sky!

4. Space Debris - What Is It? Problems and Solutions?

Space debris is a term for non functional human-made objects like malfunctioned old satellites, pieces of satellites, discarded rocket strapons. Since the start of space age there has been about 5000 launches. The oldest known debris is satellite Vanguard 1 (1958-1964). During the first American spacewalk astronaut Edward White lost his spare thermal glove out of Gemini 4. It stayed in the orbit of the earth traveling around Earth with velocity about 28 000 km/h.

Once again shout out to my friend and a wonderful being @rubencress! He took the photo for the next post and kind of we worked it out to mutually shed some light about our Milky Way!

5. Our Galaxy - The Milky Way

The Milky Way appears like a strip of non-homogeneous white light and almost separating the sky into two pieces. It can be seen during clear night skies, just a few miles outside the city-region due to the light pollution. You have a better chance seeing the Milky Way during low temperature night skies.

And for the end of scientific block is a thing I intend to continue as soon as I find some more time people I like and chat regularly are given lots of numbers (from messier's lists of nebulus objects in Universe) they choose one and I write a post about that beautiful object :) here is an example:

6. Beautiful Corners of the Universe #4 - Pinwheel Wizard

After some time I am continuing my series of short posts about random Messier's objects. For this post random generator was @escapist and she chose very a special number - 99.

Moving on....
If you had a chance to talk with me, you probably know that I like beer.

7. Experimental Kitchen - How To Brew Beer at Home

During one night I wondered why don't I try to make my own beer, how would I call it and what would it taste like - well idea was born! I did my research about homebrewing. There are lots of guides and information about it, gotta love google. :)

Some of you may know me as squirrel, veverICO and stuff.. but before that metamorphosis or it just a matter of winter hibernation...

8. Drawing of My Inner Animal Spirit

Some of you might now that I really love bears and consider it to be my spirit animal - by attitude and not so by physical appearance (not sure about head tho :) )

Fullfiling my adventorous soul. I checked some SUPs few days ago but don't want to waste too much money for standing for 15 minutes on a board... So might go for a go kart soon. :)

9. Kayaking into the sunset

Few days ago I went to a small adventure on Danube river in Belgrade. The plan was to start while the sun is still high, and to go upstream(towards the West) - check the map if you want this sentence to make sense. This tour was around the Great War Island red lines represent upstream rowing and sunset period, while blue lines are time with high sun and mostly downstream / black dot is the place where we had to carry our kayaks - since this island is connected to the land with pontoon bridge.

I also did "few" or "many" traveling posts and here are one of them for the end.

10. Norway in January – Constant Battle Between Light and Dark

It all started on a cold December morning. My telephone rang (usually it is in silence mode, but this day was special), on the other side of the line I heard Zoran, he is my Aikido teacher. After a small chit-chat he offered me a “business” proposal.

These are my 10 picks... But here is one extra, in case you wonder who is behind all these ones and zeros and words and pictures and science mumbling... here is my +1 intro post - cheating? Well as I wrote before, I changed my research project, I am into simulations of different physics and influence of dark matter and energy in the galaxy formation in parallel universes.
In the past 9 months it's been quite a ride on steemit... Let's see what is ahead of us with new updates and what new tricks and stuff I will learn here!

Nominations, nominations, nominations...

  1. @divisionbell
  2. @escapist
  3. and the golden apple award winned @penderis

So long and thanks for all the fish!
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My web all over steemit/discord lol.. I am slowly taking over.. you just didn’t know it 😜

I’m so glad you did this! It was fun going through my older stuff, and I think others will enjoy it too. I have missed a few of the ones you mentioned here, so I am off to read them!


Indeed, even tho I had few things must be in here when I thought about it, I never knew how this will unfold :D I hope there is a post for everyone in there - except some artists maybe :)
Take your time - some/most of them are best accompanied with some alcohol. :D