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Hello everyone, I am so pleased to be here on the steemit community and would like to introduce myself. I am a 30 year old mother of 3 children of my own and 4 fur-babies that I absolutley love unconditionally! My youngest son Chance (passed away during birth due to trisomy 13 patau synrome but would be 1 years old now)is in heaven, my eldests son Toby (7) and middle daughter Harmony (4) here on earth with me. I also have my beautifulfur-babies, Blaze is a handsome 5 year old Red-Austrailian Shepard, Tinkerbell is a oh so sweet and cuddly 7 year old pure white Applehead Chihuahua that i recued from a lifetime of torment by other big dogs her siblings were eaten by said big dogs, the adults and children in the home abused her and i got to her just in time as I dont thunk she would have lasted much longer in that hell she was enduring, which is why i have her now! Recently I rescued 3, 2 week old kittens that were found mear feet from hwy 544 in Myrtle Beach! I bottle fed them from day one and trained and raised them all to be ESA (Emotional Service Animals) and have found 2 of them homes in which they have gone to rescue there own humans! I kept the rarest looking of the 3 as my own ESA and her name is Sasha and is now about 4 months old and has been a amazing addition to our family! Amongst all of our rescues I would have to say hands down that my favorite (I know having a favorite is wrong and I should love all animals equally but this is an exception considering he is considered a "Wild Animal") is our baby squirrel he is about two and a half months old now and his name is Twitch. I got him when he was around 2-3 weeks old and have bottle fed him every single day since I brought him home! I put alot of time and effort into my animals and children because they are my true saviours and I most definitely wouldn't be here without them! I have had a very hard time in life but I have always tried to make the best of everything thats been thrown at me. Animals have been a huge help with the struggles I have in life and between the animals and my children they all have helped shape the Strong, Independant, Brave, Courageous woman that I am today! Without them I wouldnt be here and I thank them daily for that! I am hoping to meet lots of people here on this newest social media well new to me anyways but I hope to spread as much happiness as I possibly can while I'm here I have based this pageand my posts off of my pet squirrel and I'm sure there will be post of my other animals and children as well but not many people have seen a squirrel raised in a home and it's quite interesting and very funny at times. I hope you all enjoy my content and discover some value in it. 💚

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