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Read about Music + Social Media (Steemit and others) + Distraction from Cryptos in this post... Owww, also some cool music you can find by scrolling down and down and down this post :)

Cryptos!! What a rollercoaster!

Sooo many who didn't follow my advise of two days ago: HODL + Distract your mind was the credo, but many of you panicked and sold! Maybe I selected a too easy piece of music for you!?

Sooooo, I'll re-iterate the message: HODL and DISTRACT your MIND! The market is still settling, and better to make your next moves when all is kinda settled, since in settling mode, any coin can do very unexpected things.

Back to music, since that is what we are here for. From to kinda manageable disco-ish recording I presented you two days ago, I'm gonna challenge your MINDS today in the hope it

  1. DISTRACTS you from doing things with your cryptos that you will regret later
  2. Please Your Mind with some GOOD music!

I had to be distracted a lot, so I continued to path of listening to more challenging music. And what better than to listen to some Aphex Twin. And I added something to it...

some Other Social Media

I started to check out other social media, from crypto based ones, to kinda crypto based ones. Last week I already mentioned I started becoming a little bit active there, just to check it out how it works. The community is still quite small. They have a token and have plans to integrate that with their social media platform.

Another service I already had an account with and started to check out a bit more, is Nexus. Seems not very active at the moment, but they are about the release their next version (v2.0) and will have their coin/token integrated with that release, or at least, they claim that. Maybe that will result in some action!

In this search for social networks, I also stumbled upon SOLA. Well stumbled!? @mammasitta pointed that one out to me; thanks you so much! Also in this one I got a bit active, again to check out what they do, what the service is about and all.


I plan to review all these social networks and inform you about it, soon! Can not and will not promise timelines, therefore I stated SOON.

I recently learned, from a native Indian, Australian citizen living in the UK: "SOON" can mean anything, from days to years. Now, I hope my SOON will not mean years, but more like days or maximum weeks...


Sorry, I may have lost you with my blahblahblah, back to music. Well....

Get another round of Distraction / Hit the Play Button

Artist: Aphex Twin
Set: Bleep
Year: 2015
Country: UK







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Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (1992) ... album | play | post

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@edje you got a challenge in my blog;) or


Maybe I'm wrong but I thought riding out highs and lows was basic investment strategy 101? Enjoyed the Aphex Twin!

Correct, and I try to get more people on the 'riding out' side, since too many didn't follow the basic investment strategy 101 as you call it :) Super you like the Aphex Twin. Now I'm listening to Petar Dundov, one musical genius as well, I'm thinking to write a post and link the set I'm listening now, but am not too creative today :(


Nice one!

BTW, Petar Dundov post is out, well it is also about what a festival must provide to be interesting enough to attend, at least for me to attend :)

I've signed up on a few of these alternative social media sites, ong, ect. but as of yet, there's not much reason to keep going back.

onG and Nexus are pretty quite in terms of action within the communities. Sola however has quite a number of users, not sure how many active, but for sure it is a service with quite some action. I'm testing it now for a couple of days, and I kinda like it.

OnG really needs some work on the user experience. I get the feeling they want to be Facebook. Sola is a mobile only app. I'm bit over these. Instagram is the only one I persist with. I'm also kind of holding out until one of these starts paying in tradeable crypto.

I tried Minds for a long time. That's where I heard about Steemit actually. But now they seem to be going down the Facebook route as well where you can pay for priority boosting to have your post seen on time. Further to that, I have the impression that there is not much happening there now. I did make one art sale through this platform last year.

But this all brings me back to Steemit and why I find it better than all of the rest. Here I am paid to promote my artwork. There are no filters or restrictions. This also attracts other interesting content creators, which makes the platform very rich in interest and variety.

Ong social still needs some more work on it. Its still too slow, but maybe they will fix that soon :) And the Sola social is just for Smartphones right, no desktop version ?

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Yep, onG social needs work, but they plan to release a new version and rebrand into Social.
Sola: they have webapp, but that one is so slow as onG is, but smartphone App (the iPhone one I use), is super fast. You can use this link to singup: I think you get something for it as well in terms of SOL (their Ethereum based token).

Aphex Twin <3 Thanks for sharing it here on Steemit... cheers from Brazil :)

You're Welcome

Good work @edje, keep writing!

Thanks, will do :)

Nice work


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