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So something that I have been contemplating for months is finally working its way around. I'm in the process of launching my own you tube channel. Karduk Speaks Games. While the name sounds funny the Beast Master Hunter Orc was one of my first hits into online gaming. My gaming started at a young age with pc games and Nintendo handhelds for the most part Pokémon is still a huge staple in my gaming library my college years opened me up to high speed internet and the wonderful world of xbox live. my first online xbox game was the amazing call of duty black ops and since then ive been hooked, whether it be playstation xbox or Nintendo games I cant get enough and I'm looking to bring my passion for games to the world. I will be uploading videos to my youtube channel and here on dtube. I'm also going to alternate streaming from twitch and dlive. would appreciate any help, advice or support anyone is willing to throw my way

Karduk out

while these are empty now hopefully content to come
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