Five more Websites that Pay writers for articles ! [#GetPublished]

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I have found quite a bit more information about others paying for articles ; i am actually looking forward to the day when someone uses the #getpublished tag, to produce their published article !
So without further distraction here are a few extra websites !

Daily Yonder is a website for people living in the rural U.S. They cover “ health, employment, broadband access, education, and economic development . ” One payment report indicates a $ 200 payment for an investigative article . You can find out more here -

Hyperallergic is an art blog, covering visual artists from around the world . According to their guidelines “ while we are technically an art publication, we are not interested in speaking only to an art crowd . ” They publish art reviews, reported stories, interviews, photo essays, opinion pieces, and more . Expect payment around five to fifteen cents per word . You can find out more information here -

Re:fiction publishes writing prompts, writing exercises, “ submitting resource reviews ” author interviews and more . They pay 7 cents a word for feature articles, 5 cents a word for everything else . Find out more here -

Scum is a feminist-friendly web magazine based in Australia . Submissions should be classified as able to be classified as “ fiction ”, “ culture ”, “ memoir ”, “ column ”, “ poetry ”, and/or “ review . ” They only accept submissions from the first to the seventh of the month . So, if you are not in that window, it’s time to draft your submission and then wait . They pay $ 60AUD per piece . To learn more, read their submission guidelines right here -

Acres USA is a magazine and website written “ by passionate people who have a sincere interest in the principles of sustainable and organic agriculture . ” They are interested in the world world application of sustainable farming techniques . According one report, they paid $ 300 for a 1,000 word article - You will find more information here -

Just remember that consistency is key ; write to a few places, but never the same piece - it may end up in another article and there could be some issues with that ; but as long as you are having fun and being yourself, it should not matter what content you produce or what content you wish to see .
Just keep up the good work !

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