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Indeed it is a great information about grip tape

great mind and awesome click!!

Nice photography,Good information...............

Have always wondered whats stick the feet to the skate board during a ride but now I know better.
Though,Skate board isn't a popular one in my own side of the world.
Thanks for this

@asmolokalo, That would be wonderful explanation what about Grip tape.
Just excellent


this photography is something is different, thanks for share amazing photo shot share with us..

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The sandpaper feel of grip tape is made with various materials, depending on the company that made it. Some black grip tape companies use silicon carbide - a very hard material that stays sharp for a good long time. Other companies use aluminum oxide, which is cheaper but looses its edge and grippyness quickly. Some black grip tape and most colored grip tape are made with this cheaper material. Usually, if you want colored grip tape, the trade off is that the board won't stick to your feet as well...

What a crazy photography

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