Question 1 - do Germans enjoy millions of fake refugees moving into there towns and cities?

This is a very good one. Germans are told their history started with Hitler. There was nothing before 1933. The Nazis did bad things to Jews, foreign countries and anything not "German". Since we lost the war even young people are being educated to actively love everything that is not German. If you do not accept, tolerate and love everything non German you are by default a Nazi. And no one wants to be Nazi again. This is why so many people blocked their thought process and still do. The interesting thing about this is that the definition of the group which is "loved" comes from the media. It dictates that "refugees" are good but Russians for example are bad. This contradicts the Hitler paradigm as the Russians ended the Nazi regime.

But, the hard core number of people who oppose all that influx bullshit is growing. This is currently one of the reasons why relationships and friendships between Germans are destroyed because the view of how things are is so extremely divided. To correctly answer your question: I think 65% of the Germans love the migrants and the reasoning behind the influx (yes unbelievable) while 35% are entirely against it.

Thank you very much for answering this question.
Spluff you are a top German, and you are the person to go to for answers on Germany, I love Germans and Germany very much, I'm just angry with how the Government and other forces are hell bent on destroying this Great nation, in my opinion Germany will ultimately overcome this catastrophe, but not after a lot of pain, disruption and confusion.
I'm with you on this social engineered guilt card that is being used on Germans, at least the people are starting to wake up and there numbers are growing, I was hoping that Germans would be 80% entirely against it by now.

Great Post

Thanks man. Yes the government is to blame for a lot. I share your prediction that we will have to go through a lot of suffering until this all comes to an end. Let's keep in touch. I like people who have a clean and working brain.

I will be following and keeping an eye on your future posts.

Question 2 - do Germans enjoy migrants burning or destroying there property?

No. We have a media black out. Everyone who is not "enjoying" the destruction of property will be censored via Facebook. The police has instructions to not give details about the suspects. One year ago a description would include skin colour or "refugee status". Right now suspects are described like: Man, 29 years old. That's it. So no one is to blame.

I've heard about the media black out - Damn Facebook and the German media, thankfully we have we have platforms like steemit.
also the reason I'm so interested in this topic is because my mother is German, and I hope to post information on this subject in the future, - I have posted a few video last year on youtube -

The Video's are not Great (practice runs) - but I felt I had to make them.

Thank you again for a Great Post and for answering my questions perfectly..

Nice work. I learned something new. Btw true stuff, so true.

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