Bike Ride in Germany - Fahrrad Tour, kommt mit!

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Hello guys! One of my hobbies is cycling and as we know cycling has some good effects on our health. Because riding a bike not only burns calories but relieves the joints as well. About 76% of people own a bicycle in Germany. When I'm not traveling, I like to use my bike as a means of transport and like to drive to work in the morning and in the evening (14 kilometers to work and 14 kilometers back to home) A few years ago I was even too stingy to buy a ticket and used just my bike to reach my destinations in the city. At night I do not like to be on the streets alone and then I really prefer public transport later in the evening.

I wrote down some positive effects and maybe I can convince you to use your bike way more often :)

-Fuel costs are saved while at the same time protecting the climate
-We keep our body in move (even a little trip has positive effects on our psyche)
-We strengthen the pumping function of the heart
-We lose weight
-We strengthen our muscles and lungs
-The metabolism is stimulated

A bike ride with good friends is the best to discover new areas and it makes much more fun together :)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 09.57.12.png
I like to enjoy nature around me while biking

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 09.59.48.png
It is just a rubbish bin :P

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 10.01.16.png
We picked some flowers for our mums

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 10.02.36.png
Kidding around

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 10.04.38.png
Flying friend

Today I will make a bike ride, too! What about you, what are your plans?

Wish you all a nice and happy Sunday - See You Soon - Big Hug Lena <3 <3

deutsch / same post in German


Hallo Ihr Lieben! Einer meiner Hobbies ist Rad fahren und wie wir wissen hat das Fahrradfahren so einige gute Auswirkungen auf unsere Gesundheit. Denn durch das Fahrrad fahren verbrennen wir nicht nur Kalorien sondern entlasten dabei auch die Gelenke.
Ca 76 % der Menschen besitzen ein Fahrrad in Deutschland. Wenn ich nicht wieder mal auf Reisen bin, dann nutze ich das Fahrrad gerne als Transportmittel und fahre damit morgens und abends zur Arbeit (je 14 Kilometer hin und wieder 14 Kilometer zurück). Vor paar Jahren war ich sogar zu geizig mir eine Fahrkarte zu kaufen und habe alles mit dem Rad erledigt, jedoch habe möchte ich Nachts nicht auf den Strassen alleine sein und bevorzuge dann doch zur später Stunde die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel.

Einige positive Auswirkungen beim Fahrradfahren möchte ich gerne auflisten:

-Benzinkosten werden gespart und wir schützen somit gleichzeitig das Klima
-Wir bringen unseren Körper auf Trab (selbst ein kleiner Ausflug wirkt sich positiv auf unsere Psyche aus)
-Wir stärken die Pumpfunktion des Herzens
-Wir verlieren Masse am Körper
-Wir kräftigen unsere Muskeln und Lunge
-Der Stoffwechsel wird angeregt

Am besten ist eine Radtour mit ein paar guten Freunden, neue Ecken entdecken macht gemeinsam viel mehr Spass :)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 09.57.12.png
Die Natur um mich herum beim Fahrrad fahren geniesse ich sehr

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 09.59.48.png
Es ist nur ein Mülleimer :P

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 10.01.16.png
Einige Blumen für unsere Mamas haben wir gepflückt

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 10.02.36.png

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-20 um 10.04.38.png
Fliegender Kumpel

Heute werde ich meinen Drahtesel wieder verwenden und ne kleine Tour machen! Wie sehen eure Pläne so aus?

Wünsche euch allen einen schönen Sonntag - Bis bald und nen fetten Drücker - LG Lena <3 <3


Cycling also improves mental well-being and makes you strong from the mind...

Can’t beat a decent bike ride to get motivated!!

Hallo Lena, Radfahren ist wirklich eine sehr schöne Art von A nach B zu kommen. Zudem hält es einen fit und gesund. Meine wöchentlichen Radl-Berichte, die ich hier poste, machen mir besonders viel Spaß.

i like your bike ride travel.germany is a very nice place to visit. thanks for share your traveling post.
Dear @lenatramper i am new in join steemit.

Hey, @lenatramper wonderful tour bike ride .your photography is supper.
post resteemed......

Hello also sister lenatramper, really said sister cycling is very good for our health the most for our heart health with cycling, and very much benefit for our body if we routinely every day rowing bike, very good post my sister really like.

i like your bike ride.i also like cycling.because its always keep my mind fresh and body fit.i think that, its keep body healthy.your all thought very wonderfull and obviously,i appreciate your work and post.specially,your bike ride looks very attractive your photography beauty..all pic you pic up very looks very cute..very well dear sweet friend.. @lenatramper

A very good idea to take a bike instead of public transport. 28 km almost every day it's a little crazy @lenatramper. My projects from this Thursday I take back my favorite sport the jogging and I prepare for my summer vacation in Asia 🙂🙂. Have a great evening dear friend

a very nice bike tour, and your very nice photos, I love it @lenatramper.
hope your traveling is always fun @lenatramper

Hi @lenatramper I love to follow you, you are cool and pretty...
Speaking of cycling
I myself every morning bike even I cycled until noon, and it's very good that I feel.

5 benefits I already feel.

Cycling is a good way to control or lose weight, because cycling can increase metabolic rate, build muscle, and burn body fat. Cycling helps you to ensure that your energy expenditure is greater than energy intake, as you burn calories while on a bike ride.

2.Reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels
Cycling regularly can stimulate and improve heart, lungs, blood circulation, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cycling will strengthen the heart muscle and reduce the level of fat in the blood. This is evidenced in studies in Denmark that shows that people who cycled regularly will be preserved from heart disease in old age.

3.Reduce the risk of cancer
If you maintain a healthy diet and cycling regularly, then it will help you in reducing the risk of cancer. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people who have a fit body, even in old age, are at lower risk for lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Other studies have also shown that regular cycling can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.

4.Reduce the risk of diabetes
Lack of physical activity is one of the causes of diabetes. Cycling is one way you can do to reduce your risk of diabetes. A study in Finland shows that people who bike more than 30 minutes per day have a lower risk of developing diabetes.

5.Increase strength, balance, and muscle coordination
Cycling can prevent you from having a broken bone. Although cycling does not specifically help osteoporosis, however, cycling is an ideal form of exercise for osteoporosis, as cycling is a mild exercise that will put little pressure on the joint.

Hobi yang menyehatkan dan menyenangkan😁 @lenatramper

I like you @lenatramper
The simple girl.
Good luck...!.

Anda selalu ceria @lenatramper...
bersepeda selain menyenangkan dapat juga untuk olah raga

I also like mam cycling because it improves our body and refresh our mind. Thanks for sharing beautiful picture mam. You are looking beautiful. Keep sharing mam @lenatramper

Best of luck.

Hi Lena ,, a good friend heart, I really like bicycle, could to transport and great for health, hopefully Lena always healthy

Hey, @lenatramper your all photo shot is simply amazing.and you you are so beautiful. thanks for sharing this post.

Super nice and inspiring. I will get my bike now and take a ride :)

I love cycling, too. Always pleasure discover new routes in my neighborhood:)

wow, I am amazed with your beauty, hope your day is always fun, I will always follow you.

I just love bike riding! :)

Will maybe took my old friend for a spin as well!

Very good for your health a very good hobby @lenatramper Hope you are more successful

A very enjoyable trip must be rowing bikes and can make us healthier,
I see you are always beautiful and fascinating Wherever you go thank you already share your daily activities. I will always follow you.

Ach was habe ich früher lange Radtouren gemacht. Mal um den Bodensee, usw. Heute leider wegen Rückenproblemen nicht mehr ohne weiteres möglich. Aber dafür geht es jetzt zu Fuß mit dem Hund draußen durch die Natur :-)

Tourist trips and bike trips are experiencing a new wave of popularity today. The previous peak was in the 70-80-ies of the last century. Then in two-thousand fashion entered the city riding, which today have extended far beyond the city's outskirts. However, modern Cycling has undergone significant changes compared to what it was in the past. Once the bike tour was seen as an occupation for the half-mad adventurers. "Real bike tour" was presented as something epic, when crossed continents or, at worst, deserts or any wetlands, teeming with snakes. The current bike tours have become much shorter and more affordable, which has allowed to expand the market of services in this segment, and Bicycle lovers can now travel without the need to save money for some "monumental" trip for years.

Thanks for sharing your passion! It is always fun to see people enjoy the life that they want to live :)

It is important to do at least thirty minutes of exercise a day.
A simple way to get enough physical exercise is to go cycling. Cycling is healthy as a daily movement!

Keep on cycling !!

I really like this post brother. The post is very interesting and useful for me. I hope I can succeed like brother ..

hobby friends are very good because cycling is very good for health

a very enjoyable trip I think. and I love traveling.@lenatramper

@lenatramper. Rowing is one of the strength boosts and can help burn calories in the body. But do not do it cycling alone at night or unsafe place

dann nutze ich das Fahrrad gerne als Transportmittel und fahre damit morgens und abends zur Arbeit (je 14 Kilometer hin und wieder 14 Kilometer zurück).

Sehr gut! Ich fahre auch die meisten Strecken mit dem Rad. Nur bei Schnee und Eis ist es mir zu unsicher.

good hobbies, supported by good infrastructure. would be perfect.

Cycle is not just a good hobby but can be a good exercise too and stress reliever. Always keep the smile @lenatramper!

Dear @lenatramper
this is a healthy lifestyle. i like cycling, a day 1 hour to spend time for cycling, because in my opinion besides as a sport, also good for health
Thanks for this

the excitement of walking around with the bosom is healthful

Biking definitely comes with a lot of good things! Not only does it make you fit and healthier, not only does it allow you to save up on transport costs, but it has a distinct way of enriching your soul because through biking, you can commune with nature. 😊

And what's not to love about biking? Feeling the breeze and enjoying the view while riding a bike are the BEST!

Thanks you for sharing Miss @lenatramper this Benefits healthy is body

An honor can read and enjoy your travel and your hobbies @lenatramper

What's the most positive thing in life?

Of course when we can enjoy this life beautifully this is a way for us we can enjoy our hobby is also part of a positive thing that is able to make us satisfied premises napa we have. This is the best thing for us to keep body fitness, cycling one of the tools to keep the stability to pump the heart. Many orchids are torn by what they have but the most important things to the body are not cared for, the freedom makes them forget what is most important in their lives.

Is Health Expensive?

Of course, health can not be paid for anything, because it is something that is very meaningful for us, especially, strengthen the function of pumping the liver, lose weight, strengthen muscles and lungs, metabolism stimulated.


Health is very important to our lives, so we can do things and we will always be healthy to be able to work and earn a fruitful result in our lives.

Thanks @lenatramper has provided a very significant knowledge for steeminials all over the world.

We win together.

See you on the top

Hi ... !! @lenatramper. hopefully this day is fun and always healthy. and can re-activity such as yesterday

Great that you have a bike for transportation. I don't have a bike right now. Thanks for sharing.

This is the first time I saw you cycling ... I really like it ...

yo quiero salir de mi país para poder moverme en una ciudad grande solo en bicicleta jajaja, sería genial!!! Mañana retomaré el ejercicio =)

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Good post my friend, success is always friends

I really like if sister cycling because it is very good for our body health, all our muscles will move, I hope sister in the next day do jog because jogging is better than everything we do sport, good job @lenatramper

I am very supportive if my sister often do sports because sport is highly recommended in nourish our body,


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Welcome home, Lena!

Ich stimme zu dir.

Wow, 28 Kilometer jeden Tag mit dem Fahrrad zu fahren sind schon echt viel für mich obwohl ich recht sportlich bin. Aber möglicherweise ist das auch eine Gewöhnungssache wie alles andere auch. Persönlich fahre ich meistens so 7 km pro Tag mit dem Fahrrad bei passendem Wetter zur Uni und zurück. Ich finde es auf jeden Fall klasse, dass du mit gutem Beispiel voran gehst (oder doch fährst).

Cycling can be one of the easiest and fun sports to stay in shape. In addition to controlling your weight, the benefits of cycling can reduce depression, stress and anxiety. Moreover, cycling is my hobby from small until now @lenatramper

Radfahren ist Klasse - macht mir definitiv mehr Spaß als Laufen. Einzig Wandern in den Wäldern und Bergen bringt mir ähnlichen Spaß.

Mal abgesehen von den gesundheitlichen Aspekten kommt man mit dem Rad noch einigermaßen vorwärts und kann mehrere Landschaftzüge genießen. Uu Fuß ist man doch recht eingeengt im Aktionsradius.

Viel Spaß beim radeln!

A very enjoyable trip I like kayak friend

Wonderful this traveling, I like your post.
Best of luck my dear friend, upvote and resteemit.

Cycling is very good for health.
Good job @lenatramper

the journey is quite fun @lenatramper, I really like to see your travel story, hopefully you are always healthy, and successful.

I love you @lenatramper.
I'm always support you.
Good luck.

Nice, I love cycling too, I hope I could cycling with you