Proof that the World is getting better!

in german •  27 days ago  (edited)

I just got Landjäger at a US Airport.


Landjäger is my favorite german snack for on the go. They are a bit like salami but more yummi and made in a way that you can eat them just like that.

Now this version I got here is about the worst version of Landjäger I have ever had, but better than any beef jerky or similar snack available in the US.

They just come with improvement potential.

I am stoked

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I usually don't eat such type of snacks and go for the typical bag of chips when on the run.

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cool have to find this out soon :)

Well, this one of the few posts from you where I don't agree - but you still got my support (very small) support 🤣.

  1. I love animals, so I don't eat them
  2. I hope these are made locally and not imported ... reading that the taste is not as good as the German ones you like that much makes me hope that. Maybe they adjusted the taste to the one they think Americans like?


Una delicia!