Geometry Challenge - Week 1 - Triangles

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Welcome to the first week of Geometry Challenge!

The idea is to take a photo of a geometric shape found in nature or man-made

The theme for week one is triangles

We'll start slow and in future weeks we'll try more complex shapes


  • The title of your post MUST be Geometry Challenge - Week # - Entry #
  • Each contestant can have 3 entries
  • First tag of your post MUST be geometrychallenge
  • All images will be checked for plagiarism
  • You MUST upvote this main post with at least 50%
  • You MUST resteem this main post to help promote the challenge

Feel free to post your entries in the comments with a link to the original post

Competition closes at midnight GMT on Sunday

The winners will be announced the following day


1st place - 5 SBD
2nd place - 3 SBD
3rd place - 2 SBD

The prize pool will increase depending on the post payout

If you would like to donate to the challenge that would be greatly appreciated

Best of luck!
Get snapping!


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My submission is a trio of images all from the same building - The National Assembly Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Louis Kahn

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
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great idea ... fractals love it


Thank you. Fractals will definitely be featured in one of the weeks to come.


cool... I like fractal geometry too..


Thank you. I see you have already entered. Congratulations on being the first to participate, you will receive a reward for that at the end of this weeks challenge.


I like geometry great idea for challenge

Everyones excited as the countdown has begun.. looking eagerly for very good outcomes...good wishes to you.. and everyone..

have to submit own photo or something from net??


Own photo

Great challenge i like it

This is my entry for week 1 entry 1 - and my link to the original post