Sacred Geometry of Mount Girnar

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Sacred Geometry of Mount Girnar

Mount Girnar is extremely unique, comprising many formations unlike those found elsewhere on Earth. This is because it was formed due to a vortex of energy that imprinted the resultant sacred geometry of the process in the mountain itself.

From above, we can see it has a hexagonal outline:
India Vortex.JPG

This further is layered with a square topographical mapping of the mountain and where the whole mountain is wrapped in a circular band:
Sacred Geometry of Mount Girnar JPG.jpg

The hexagon is not limited to the outer ring, but is also a common shape for the mountain's terrain to have formed:

The Dattatreya Temple sits atop formations of hexagonal shapes as well as a section having a flat-faced wall, as pictured here:

The formation itself is part of a larger structure surrounding the peak that spirals alike to a phi spiral:
Spiral Girnar2.png

Mount Girnar phi.JPG

Side shot of the formation:
Mount Girnar strikes in rock2.JPG

Another view of the formation shows the layering angles of the phi ratio growth of the peak in its formation:
Spiral from side with hand.JPG

Spiral from side with hand and lines.JPG

The mountain itself is shaped like a heart:
Girnar angled.PNG

Angle Hexagon 1.PNG

Energy flows settled into regions representative of the sacred geometry values:
Mount Girnar sacred geometry new.png

The two lakes in the top right are positioned at 1 positions, as depicted below. The lake at the 8 position is fed by an outlet flow from the mountain that exits at a 1 position. Two additional lakes are positioned along lines involving the 1 value. A last lake is positioned at the 9 value opposite to the defined hexagonal point of the mountain and where the population of the region is most localized--making it, in a sense, a 0 position. And thus the low points of the region also are where low values in the sacred geometry pattern occur:
Mount Girnar sacred geometry lake numbers.png

The Bhavnath Mahadeva Shivling on the mountain is said "to have emerged of its own divine intention."
Bhavnath Mahadeva Shivling youtube.JPG

In conclusion, Mount Girnar is amazing.

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