Vera Cruz Mexican Amethyst Clusters

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20200109_110911 (2).jpg
Here is another interesting collection we picked up last month.
20191107_125235 (2).jpg
There were sixteen pieces total to this collection. A gentleman inherited it and had it for quite a few years before deciding to part with them.
20200104_111440 (2).jpg
The top crystal here is double terminated.
20200104_111425 (2).jpg
There was a little consternation as to their origin. One person said it was from Red River and that you can't find them anymore there. Others said they were from South America. Finally I had to consult our local Crystal expert. He said they are from Vera Cruz Mexico and that it is an old collection. We did a comparison of Amethyst crystals from that area and they do appear to be similar. He immediately bought the largest cluster and one or two smaller ones.
20200104_111448 (2).jpg
They are indeed beautiful crystals; wherever they're from
20200109_114846 (2).jpg
And two pairs of siamese twins.
20200109_114856 (2).jpg
20200109_141616 (2).jpg
my favorite is a single point we a water bubble in it. The bubble is so tiny that even the stereoscope can't catch it distinguishably. With a loupe you can see the movement as you turn it if you know where to look.
It's in my personal collection.


Wow, beautiful gems. I like the colors of the Amethyst.

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Thank you. Blue used to be my favorite color. Now it's a toss up.

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