preparing for another presentation

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A year went by fast. We did another presentation on rocks and fossils for the third graders.
20190320_123420_1553119124773 (2).jpg
The students hadn't gotten in yet, but Andrea had to get a picture in.

We've done this in previous years and students were more than happy to send letters of thanks.
20190321_104838 (2).jpg

Some letters were very detailed and graphic.
20190321_104844 (2).jpg

One even pointed out specific rock she had or liked.
20190321_104848 (2).jpg
She even made sure we knew where she was in the audience.

Last year instead of letters, they sent one big card.
20180425_150232_HDR (2).jpg
20180425_150251_HDR (3).jpg
It's always a great joy to see the excitement on their faces as they watch.

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It is lovely to see how you get those kids excited about rocks! have fun!