copper petrified wood

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These just came in this morning. petrified wood that was fossilized with copper.
20200106_113926 (2).jpg
I have never made it a secret that green is not my favorite color. But when a gentleman brought in these pieces of copper petrified wood, they weren't leaving the store.

He wanted way more money than we were able to pay, but he was interested in our cave of swords selenite clusters.
20180604_105613 (2).jpg
So we did a trade.

These specimens are very rare and only found in the Nacimiento Mining district near Cuba NM.

Each piece has it's own unique style and color arrangement (character)
20200106_113735 (2).jpg
20200106_113754 (2).jpg

This piece offers the most brilliant and colorful display.
20200106_113646 (2).jpg
20200106_113618 (2).jpg

This specimen is the largest. It doesn't have as much color, but the petrified wood structure is best seen here.
20200106_113122 (2).jpg
20200106_113128 (2).jpg
The ends are also very nice.
20200106_113159 (2).jpg
20200106_113149 (2).jpg

The final pieces has a lot of copper oxide on the side face.
20200106_113412 (2).jpg
As well as the front and back.
20200106_113318 (2).jpg
20200106_113345 (2).jpg

I'm not sure how well they will sell in the store at the price I'm required to charge, but we will see.

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