Calcite or melted plastic

in #geology6 years ago

Along with the last ugly rock that I posted about: this piece was brought in.
20180910_132231 (2).jpg
To the naked eye, it again just looks like an ugly rock. Most people would just walk on by and not give it a second look.

But most people don't have a stereoscope:
20180910_140826_HDR (2).jpg
This pic clearly shows calcite crystal in a cluster. However, as I was exploring this little treasure, I discovered that some of the crystals are morphed.
20180910_140638_HDR (2).jpg
The crystals in the lower right appear to be melted

As I explored further, I found more.
This indicates the crystals formed in a volcanic vent. The heat was not extreme enough to burn or destroy the structures but did melt them.

In the lower left quadrant of this next photo you can see a tiny azurite crystal; indicating an extremely small presence of copper.
20180910_140610_HDR (2).jpg
Pretty cool if you ask me.


I especially liked the last photo!

Now that the HF20 fiasco is settling down, I may attempt more posts of of other crystals I have discovered.

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