Another ugly green rock

in #geology3 years ago

In early November, we picked up another massive collection. In the collection was this ugly green rock.
20191226_142720 (2).jpg
After careful examination though, I noticed fine crystals, cleavages, and blue Chalcedony.
20191226_142739 (2).jpg
20191226_152122_HDR (2).jpg
Here is a very nice olivine crystal. Unfortunately, the 2D picture doesn't show the exquisite dimensions of this beautiful crystal.

As Imentioned there are some really nice cleavage crystals as well.
20191226_152408_HDR (2).jpg
20191226_152135_HDR (2).jpg
These are incomplete olivine and chalcedony crystals that are riddled throughout the specimen.

Then there is the occasional blue chalcedony deposits that have an interesting contrast.
20191226_152201_HDR (2).jpg
I'll enjoy going over this piece with my stereoscope on days when I'm bored.

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