Another rock collection and more rocks.

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20191111_112305 (2).jpg
Well, it's been another crazy few weeks.. Now I've got a few stories to post if I can find the time. We've picked up several collections And I will try to post a little of each over the next blogs.

Just when I thought I was getting the back room under control, all this happens.
20191111_155259 (2).jpg
This is just a small portion of one collection we picked. It involves 121 item lots. To avoid all the helter skelter of the last collection I put half of it our garage and a lot more up in the attic of our store,as well as the back room.

And a sampling on a table in the store
20191111_124459 (2).jpg
There is over 61 gem trees and about ten buckets of cut geodes and thunder eggs.

These are sampling of geaode and thundereggs.
20191111_124113 (2).jpg

20191114_165147 (4).jpg

20191121_190927 (2).jpg

Some individual ones really stood out.
20191111_130352 (2).jpg

20191111_130511 (2).jpg

A septarian Nodule
20191111_124516 (2).jpg

We have bins upon bins of specimens and craft materials
20191111_124351 (2).jpg

20191111_124614 (2).jpg

20191111_124426 (2).jpg

What you see here just scratches the surface of all we purchased in that collection. We finding new discoveries daily. We've also picked up a couple small collections which I will post in the near future.


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