The only active volcano in Asia.

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Barren island, the only active volcano in Asia is situated in Andaman sea. It sits on a small tectonic plate Bumra. The uninhabited island is 1.8 million years old. The island is about 3 km in diameter and rises 354 m above sea level. Its massive foundations rest at a depth of 2,250 meter below the surface. The volcano on Barren island has 2 kms of caldera. Its spwes plumes of thick sulphur-rich smoke. 2 kms of caldera makes it look like a giant chimney.

Eruption :
It was first erupted in 1787 but detailed study has shown it was erupted 1.6 million years ago. After that, it was erupted at least 4 times in next 100 years. In 1991, it was spewed again and its smoke bellowed out for about next 6 month. Last it was erupted in February 2016.