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RE: Making Spatial Data Yield Agates

in #geology6 years ago

As a fellow #rockhound I have to say you nailed this one. Amazing work! I've spent some time researching where would be the best place to hunt for agates at and around Lake Superior and never got this much info out of it. Of course, being where I am it's not difficult to find them at all but this could definitely help!


Thank you! Glad to see some other rockhounds on here! You do seem situated in an ideal location to hunt for agates.

Wisconsin has some slightly better data than I presented in this article, but the Minnesota data has incredible resolution! There is also a database of over 6,000 gravel pits, some long abandoned. Have you found certain beaches to be more productive / less picked than others?

Yes the mouth of the Amnicon River and Lake Shore Point are two of the most visited when it comes to my immediate area but there are so many agates. When I go it's usually towards the end of the day and I can see other rockhounds leaving as I get there and I still find a bunch of them. Along the railroad tracks, alog gravel and dirt roads I always find many too. It really is a prime location and I found that after researching where to go the answer is just go anywhere.

I've been trying to populate the #rockhound tag lately and created an account @rockhounds to help with curation of said tag. With other tags like #rocks there are a lot of articles that don't exactly pertain to rockhounding since someone can tag #steemit #rocks. #rockhound is a place for true rockhounds to share their finds. If you share more #rockhound material I'd love it if you helped me populate the tag!

Thanks for the tips! The next time I am up along the North Shore I will check out those locations. They really do have a wide range, and you're right in the heart of it!

I support using the #rockhound tag and will surely make some future contributions. Here is a previous post I made on finding Keokuk Geodes that would qualify!

You are quite the talented writer. The level of detail in your articles and the data you compile is amazing. It covers a lot of information that I've been trying to find online all in one neat article. I will have to bookmark both of these, my rockhounding friend @honeybadger-1 would love to read this.

  • If you ever are in the area feel free to drop me a line, would be fun to show a fellow steemian my favorite spots.

That is a very kind offer that I'll be sure to take you up on some time. Thanks for the praise and for sharing my post with your rockhounding friends!

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