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Solar radiation management(SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce "global warming". Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfate aerosols. - Support them on Patreon!
They seem reluctant to accept donations in cryptocurrency up to this point.


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Consequences for the ecosystem have been studied?
Is it safe for the planet?
Maybe the time of the human era is coming to an end and we once again did not understand the most important thing?

I've been asking Dane Wigginton, via Facebook, to post his vital information here, on Steemit too.

Feel free to help me badger him, haha.

For any unaware of Dane and his tireless efforts, in educating the masses, here's a link to his weekly radio update, on his website - Geo-Engineering watch

I upvoted but I hate it when people do as if the government were here to protect us and just messes up sometimes. Government + centralization leads to enslavement. There's no way around this.

This must be a very expensive operation. Is this all taxpayer funded though the US military or is it other countries as well?


I think it's most prevalent in the US, and yes it's taxpayer funded. There are a few of their facilities in my home state of Texas, here's one ...

hey tuck id like to give u some of my whaleshares token to hand out and upvote quality content with. you interested?


Sure man.


Deadly curious as to what whaleshares tokens are. Any help with that?

I can't help thinking of a line form a movie I don't remember the movie but the line was "My God they are going to kill us all".