Stop Chemtrails , it's time!

in geoengineering •  last year 

First they tell you,
it's vapor from the planes...
Then they try to explain,
why they wanna block
sunlight, because of global
The truth is you increase
global warming if you spray
up the atmosphere with
how many million tons of fine
metals & plastics , because
the atmospheric heat can
not escape...

I am also a patent researcher
since 20 years, check this:


It comes down to Frequency Technics...
In combination with HAARP "they" create:
Weather modifications , earthquakes ,
mind & thought control or influence.
For example, i heard "they" sending
certain pictures & thoughts on
15 & 30 Hertz...
better know yourself ;)
Do your homework, people!
It is time to stop this,
if we want Life to continue
in the long run...
Be blessed
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