Another day, another Geoengineered sky.

in geoengineering •  7 months ago

This week in the UK, the weather is supposed to be bright, clear and sunny according to the Met Office, but when I left the house this morning at 06:50 what I saw certainly wasn't bright and clear.

It still astounds me that people are seemingly oblivious to what is happening in the skies above them. Check out this twitter conversation between the UK Met Office (I couldn't resist replying).

As usual, a few hours after I took the photos, the skies in front of the sun are almost white with the sun sitting behind a haze. It never gets any less frustrating to be told what a lovely day it is and how blue the skies are by people who can't remember the days when the skies actually were clear and deep blue with perhaps a sun shining through that looked yellow !!!

Thanks for reading and stay safe


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It is sad that the boiling frog method works. Slow change over a long period of time goes unnoticed in the brain. This also goes for other issues, like taxes, education, immigration and so forth. Put a little trust in the government into the mix and the recipe is completed. Most will never know what hit them. I can't blame people. Took me ten years as well to see what's happening.

On both sides of the world. What kills me is how many don't care or don't even realize it is not normal. We get it just like this every day. I will post some of it, I have video and lots of chemtrail pics. Blue skies maybe 1 out of 50 days now.

It's amazing to me that so many people can't see this. I cringe now when people say wow what a beautiful sunset....look at all the colours.

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We had a bit of that today, they do not normally do it here, not on the same level that the UK gets it anyway.