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RE: Geoengineering: Weather Warfare

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That 2nd picture looks like part of that trail got broken up. I can tell the sprayer was on. Usually when I see that patter live, the trail comes out strong (the spray was consistent) then breaks up a minute later. The rest of the trail may not break up perhaps not at all and just spread out.


That's EXACTLY what I saw.

Maybe when this happens the can is changing. Ive noticed it more and more at 7:12am towards Lake Tahoe. Chemtrails are being normalized and people cant seem to remember how long they have been seeing them. Me 2011. How about you?

Two cases: 1) stream says strong breaks up later .. 2) the stream breaks at the point of origin

About a year but much more in the least 6 months.

Really wow. Im surprised just that long. The last we spoke you had just got your negative ion generator,hows that is working out? I sometimes think that the equipment for this project is just broken. Lol. Ive said it for a while now, we need someone to follow the plane in a plane and film all of it. Esp if they threaten them on the radio or they try shooting them out the sky. Ive put out so much since we last talked hope you get a chance to gander at it. Thanks again James, you have been a big help. Your a stand up guy. Take care. Talk soon.

Id love to get your thoughts on this cancer treatment post I just did. Your awesome hope to hear from ya soon.

Hello @jamesc! How are you doing? I have been trying to reach you but unfortunately, haven't found any possible means than to try here. I know that's crazy. Apologies.

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We also birthed another initiative towards the end of February this year, and exchange that converts STEEM and SBD to fiat and mobile phone airtime. We have also been able to successfully integrate a feature than enables users POWER UP with their fiat through their MasterCard. The exchange is now up in two different countries; Nigeria ( and Ghana ( The third country we are working on is the Philippines and currently site is ready.

Lastly, both initiatives above are working on a new initiative initiative which is an Offline Code Camp; where young people in the rurals will be taught the basics of programming for free. This is why we're reaching out for support in any form to be able to push through with this. I know that you support projects like this and that's why I am reaching out.

Thank you in anticipation of a positive response.

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