The Daily Dose - March 4, 2018 by @iowabuckd

in geoengineering •  last year 

9 am 3/4/18

This post is for the #dailydose initiative started by @inthenow to help spread awareness on the dangers associated with chemtrails.

1030am 3/4/18

Both 330pm 3/4/18

Well the blue skies are disappearing, replaced with the gray soup sky. I haven’t seen the grid makers yet today. I got inspired to write a very short poem, a writer I am not.

“Poisonous Sky” by @iowabuckd

Blue sky, blue sky, where did you go?
I got to see you two days in a row.
The planes came back and began to spray,
Now the gray skies are here to stay.
Tell me, tell me what can we do?
Spread the word all of us, me and you!

Look up people “The truth is out there!”

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