A Small Video from Cubbyworks

in geoengineering •  last year

It could be a few seconds smaller, but small enough:

I wish I could put this on Dtube but apparently I need a newer operating system; yes I'm that old school. Dtube uses an "unsupported protocol" - this happens on other sites too. That won't do, so I got a new computer, refurbished with a warranty, and when I fired it up, it had no hard drive. Lol. It's only funny because Bessie keeps pushing on. If she quits as she threatens, yikes I wouldn't be laughing, at all. I don't have a car. Or a smartphone (did I say old school, haha). I do everything online. So they sent me a hard drive. It arrived a few days ago, as of this Sunday edit (I find typos on posts later and can't leave them be), it's still in the box. I'm sure they can help me through installation, but dang it. Maybe I will learn something. My IT friend (we should all have one of those) is who recommended refurbished with warranty; she said they often run better having been improved. And cost less.. I'm sure it will be fine :/.
I'm a little bit more concerned about being sprayed. I saw a clip the other day where a dude recorded a pilot talking about geoengineering, nothing new or mind-blowing except that the pilot called it a "necessary evil." I have a few things to say about that but Steemit (internet) has kicked me off twice today and I invite anyone to explain what that pilot means? I will try and find that vid, it's curious. Hope you watch and like my vid.

Thank you, and Steem on,
Video by Cubbyworks, CanonPowershot SX520HS

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