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in geoengineering •  2 years ago 

Well, after a clear weekend, the trailing began again Monday, and yesterday dawned nice and overcast. Above the clouds, the trailing continued, so as the cloud broke up about mid afternoon, there was some nice lining, and it was not silver.

















And today has dawned - yep, overcast as buggery.

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MAGA Make America Gray again :)

And Australia. Sky at 2 pm yesterday.


Do you know of ANY country which does not participate? It appears to be worldwide, I have not seen much evidence from China or Africa though...

Could you even tell through the smog in China?

As for Africa, I dare say they get fly overs from international flights. I have notice a major uptick since we got our international airport a few years ago, although many are not enroute to or from the airport, just flying over, often one after another as can be seen in the photos as they lay down parallel tracks across the whole sky.

And then a few cross over lines to form the grid...

Would be interesting to know if they also spray in Iran and N. Korea...

Good captures of the bs going on, been clear we’re I’m at for 3 days. I guess the nor’easter too much for them.

The clear days, without trails, prove the lie.

True indeed

Just a coincidence probably...

  • Just kidding.
    • Nice pics documenting what "they" aren't doing to us!

I know. Coincidences abound.

It is great we don't have to worry about these things which are not happening. I should just get a phone so I can distract myself looking at a smart phone screen all day, and not worry about what is(n't) going on overhead.

A lesson my wife learned as a child is simply to close her eyes 😲
and then bad things in life just ... disappear.

  • I sometimes wish I could be like most people when they see 👀 the obvious, but simply refuse to accept that it is happening.
    • Because after all
      • My government would never do that or allow that to happen
      • and anyway, if they did, they would tell us about it...

But I am like you

  • and cannot unsee what I have seen
  • and accept the fact that it actually is happening...

Thanks for your entry, R&U! Have a great day. :-D