Wouldn't it (or would it) be great if we could control the weather?

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Yes it would! I proclaim at the top of my voice. Then quickly the thought of "Who's agenda prevails?" flashes across my mind. Meaning: Who gets control of the weather? The military, agriculture interests, the insurance industry, might it be the transportation and leisure interests… Just who get to determine when it rains or shines?

Might it be farmers and the agricultural industry that feeds this county, and would that "activity" impact other weather "users" immediately downstream? For example, my former home state of Idaho, has been deploying technology to ensure that all passing snowstorms deliver as much moisture as possible. Why? Simply so that the numerous ski resorts and vacation resorts get ample snowpack to maximize revenues..so that ample snow pack exists to fill the hydro-electric reservoir system which would also fill the irrigation canals all summer long. This seems like a great idea, right? So would it surprise you to learn that Idaho Power is the entity that spends just $13 million annually on cloud seeding which adds water to the statewide hydroelectric power system and as a side benefit positively impacts winter and summer recreation, agricultural interests plus keeps electricity rates lower with the extensive use of electricity generated by a series of hydroelectric dams that run the length of the Snake River for residential and business consumers?

From the Idaho Power web site: 

"We first began cloud seeding in 1995, but the science of cloud seeding has been around for nearly 70 years. After researching the cost and benefits, we began ongoing operations in 2003.

Since then our studies recorded an additional 124,000 acre-feet from the upper Snake River and 224,000 acre-feet from the Payette River, from our cloud seeding efforts. That translates into enough additional hydroelectric production to power more than 11,000 homes for a year.

A key long-term water management strategy, cloud seeding has enabled Idaho Power to increase snow pack in the targeted area between five and 28 percent annually."

Cool, right? But what about the next state downstream, (Wyoming) or is that down wind? Are those mountains chronically left with diminished snowfall potential? I would testify in court that it cold be no other way.

So intentional -- and unintentional--weather modification happens every year all over the world, day after day after day.

During the coming weeks and months ahead I'll show you where intentional weather modification is happening and what it's downstream impacts might potentially be. This work will ONLY be published here on my steemit blog. This project will be called the Cloud Tour.

Now, to the touchy subject of aircraft contrails, or might they be something more complex than just "condensation vapor" feeding into the now prevalent “Chemtrail Conspiracy”?

What are these trails used for: mind control, solar radiation management, stratosphere aerosol injections to alter the climate, real time observations of the wind patterns at different altitudes, just what are these trails being used to accomplish? The answer to this question will be expanded upon in future posts. But in the meanwhile, I will share a few of my favorite "chemtrail" pictures that I've taken, or had shared with me, during the past 15 years of my geo-engineering/climate change research while running the website weatherwars.info. A site that will from now on redirect traffic to my blog here on steemit.

steemit, finally a project worth of my time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the entire team at steemit for their insight, perseverance in developing this project and finally developing a platform in which those of us who have been giving and giving to various communities can finally be rewarded for our years of sacrifice and service just because, for us individually, it has been the right thing to do. 

It has been nearly 11 years since I was let go from KPVI television for daring to go public about chemtrails, covert geo-engineering and the other many questions I brought forth about "global warming" which, ironically, has now simply been reduced to "climate change". Rhetorically, I have to ask "When has the climate ever not changed?"

So I eagerly look forward to participating with this new community, one that understands the solution to our global financial issues, and further more is open minded and brave enough to jump in these "steemy waters" leave Facebook and strike out into entirely new territory in this social media landscape.

Once again, I offer up a most humble thank you for making this platform available.

Keep looking up!

-Scott Stevens

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Good work.. Please do not double-post.. Thank you..


I was told that I didn't have the tags/category listed correctly.... Apologies.


What is important is that your bringing this to our attention! I can't thank you enough...

Very nice and interesting article .