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Why Generation Z? - - - Why Not??

What do our current governments know about cutting edge tech like A.I, V.R, A.R., digital currencies, blockchain, open source applications & decentralized systems??

Our research indicates that existing centralized legacy systems, their rules, and regulations will be reinvented by the new leaders, as will our old monetary policies and education models...

Even 25 years ago, Bill Gates, then-CEO of Microsoft, declared “Banks are dinosaurs, they can be bypassed.”

Compared to Generation Z….Our survey says…

This cohort is already familiar with digital money. ( using it to shop online & in games )

Most governments have minimum age requirements before a person is allowed to open their own checking account, credit card, Coinbase account, etc. ( even in the U.S. & Canada )

We’re presenting an option they didn’t have available before - to transact freely and without permission.

This unbanked sector makes up over 51% of GDP including millennials, and influences family spending of an estimated $600 billion every year. This is a virtually untapped market right now!

So let's experiment!

Create a feedback loop from GenZ that will start by asking questions like…

What is Money? Success? Failure? Valuable? Criminal?

Instead of approaching this experiment as a teacher, we are seeking to learn from one another and innovate alongside the young people in this movement... Together we will question everything, think outside the box, and collect as much data as possible…

Good in, good out - we need the data to make decisions - The time is now!


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