Vasectomy? It's easier... And more shortly...

in #genetics4 years ago

A vasectomy is called surgical procedure that men do with the aim of blocking the VAS deferens.
In other words, not to be a father.
And, as a rule, this procedure is irreversible.

So, more recently, American scientists of Chinese origin took care of men and figured out how to disable the gene responsible for the production of sperm in the process of spermatogenesis. So far, however, only in mice.
It is noteworthy that comrade Chen also worked at MSU.
So the opening is international.

However, there is a "small" side effect.
In direct sense a small.
The testicles of male mice was reduced after this procedure.

These are the "mice pies".

Interestingly, the size of the testicles childfree can sacrifice for the sake of "genetic vasectomy" ?



Чёйто прям мужчинок жалко стало

Смешно, познавательно, стёбно

кому то оно нужно, кому то - нет

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Suggesting Vasectomy for rapists and child molesters may not sound so bad.

One still can rape eventhough he had vasectomy. Vasectomy only make a man cannot have child, yet doesn't cause him impotent.

Am getting confused.
Vasectomy makes a man not to have a child but not impotent - how?

What make you confused @brother @starl? As I learnt at my college, vasectomy is one method of man contraception. But it will not cause erection dysfunction. So the man still can have sex normally, but the sperm cannot go out.. which prevent him from having a child. The incidence of impotence among man after vasectomy is rare.

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