Genomics and Blockchain could take Genetic research to the next level and a land of prosperity

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Those who have been following me for awhile know that I have been talking about the potential benefit of blockchain technology and genetics for over a year now. I have even gone as far as recommending a project which I am part of as a good place to start if you are interested in this area. The project name is EDNA (you can join Telegram group right here: and it seems like others are quickly catching the vision of EDNA and are putting their financial muscle and resources in that area. This morning genetics round up I came across this new brief:

GENOME TIE-UP: A startup that was spun off from Harvard Medical School last year has signed a deal allowing pharma firm EMD Serono, a division of Merck, to access genome data from its blockchain network. Forbes reports that the startup, Nebula Genomics, said the goal of the pilot effort is to boost research into the development of new medicines. Nebula’s blockchain-based network connects patients and consumers with researchers, rewarding those who share their genome data, and providing reassuring transparency and security. The firm is also setting up sponsorship deals so genome sequencing can be offered free of charge.

While many of you may wonder why the buzz now about genetics and blockchain technology, isn't it just another group trying to ride the blockchain wave. Some may even say, they are just putting 'blockchain' to catch a couple million dollars of investors who know that anywhere the word is attach it tends to bring money. While some of these accusation may be true, you likely to miss the vision of projects disrupting the current model of genetic research and the incentives attach to them.

At EDNA, the vision for over a year now has been quite simple, build a system where those who get sequence have the private key to their data and create a market where researchers and EDNA community especially those who are sequenced and wish to take part in genetic research can afford that possibility via smart contracts. There is even leasing program where there is an incentive for holders of the token can sequences candidates they believe have some genetic advantage beneficial to both parties and the community. One of the current problems within genetic field is that data isn't readily available especially data from varying geographic and racial groups. We strongly believe that we can solve both problems and the incentives of tokenomics is attractive feature to generate interest in people who otherwise would not be interested.

If you believe that this is an area you are interested in and want to contribute, please join the Telegram link above.

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