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I WISH, these two words matched together creates one of the saddest phrases in English language.

A happy person is someone that strives to learn daily and be better than he was yesterday.

Why don't you start planning things down so that you'll avoid 'I WISH'

Why don't you solve those calamities now to avoid 'I WISH'

I WISH is more dangerous than anything.
Now for example

  1. PUTTING ON A MASK TO IMPRESS OTHERS and this thing is very common in our society.
    Let's illustrate this, because your friends are progressing in what they're doing doesn't mean you'll progress in that particular thing, so you decided to do what your friends were doing, you hid your true self and put on your friends mask and you ended up fucking up and it was too late.

    You know I made one of the greatest mistakes in my life and that was letting my family make me study computer science because I did well in computer and I was very good in biology in high school hence my being a computer scientist when obviously the sight of programming, calculations gives me tough times and during my project practicals, I couldn't understand any calculations and I couldn't set up a program.
    My mum wanted me to study medicine and become a doctor but how can I be a doctor when I'm a very emotional person and hate the sight of blood? I realized I would have done better studying English language or mass communication, but the good thing is that I have found myself and embraced who I am and I am fulfilled living that life as a writer.

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  1. Or when you're in so much in love with a lady and you were shy to walk up to her and tell her. Then suddenly, you heard she got married and so you were sad and you started thinking, crying and saying 'I WISH'. I WISH is more than a heartbreak.

-I wish I didn't take that

  • I wish I was an actor
    Nobody listens to that, so stop it
    No matter who the person is, please don't impress anyone, be your real self. Do not hide your real self.
    Do not put on a mask.
    Pull that mask off and live your life so you won't end up saying I WISH

I wish I had bought Bitcoin years ago.

Oh dear, sorry about that but i hope you have amended it @phaseshift

Thanks. Taking positive action now. Hoping to contribute and earn some steem here and roll some into bitcoin so I don't get left out if it goes to the moon.

But I agree saying I wish only makes me feel bad. i have to say I can.

Nice post. Keep it up

Inspiring post dear. I am just gonna keep on following my dream. Fantastic one you got there

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