Investment In Binary Options (4)

When people hear about Binary options in Nigeria, first that comes to their mind is another MMM or Ponzi scheme that doubles your money within a specified period of time... Binary options isn't a ponzi scheme... Neither is it a 20-40 thing. Its a gradual process of increasing your profit... And its not gambling... It can be analyzed and predicted perfectly... That's why you can get up to 80% or 90% win while trading...

In my quest to still make money from Binary options... After loosing my first 200 euros... I was devasted... And felt bad... But all the same I still saw another advert on internet and i was like...'wow'... It read "Turn $200 to $4,000 in 3 days"... I was like 'BOOM'... This isn't in minutes, so this must be real then... Then I checked the strategy which was same as the previous... When it is going up, Place CALL... When it is going down... Place PUT.. Still not knowing there was so much to it than that...

My $200 flew to $245 surprisingly within 2hrs of 'Calling & Putting'... And I was the Happiest man on earth then... Then I made a mistake. .

I started calculating... "$45 in 2hrs?, what if I work for 5hrs or 10hrs?"... Then I got lost in it and lost form $245 to $130... It was shocking and like magic... 'How Come?' 'These people are watching me again'... Because everytime I watch it coming down... But immediately I place a PUT trade, it starts flying up and vice versa... It got to a stage I'd hide behind my door to trade and run behind the curtain to peep at my system... But all still... It was always a loss...

The reason I can talk about this now is because I've once lost and now I'm winning steady... Keep reading and wait for how I found my working strategy for binary options...

I am SegunBinary and I'm a binary options trader... 👍🏾 image image image


Nice post,do you have a detailed guide on how to start trading it

You really need to continue the article. I thought you were going to snow how you were able to make good calls and put. By the way, I have always seen binary options but never had the chance to get in. If I can understand it well, then maybe I will try it out

I'd continue it sir... And the next posts will enable you start on a beginner level on Binary Options...

It depends on the level you are on and your time schedule to study and practise

Any detailed guide on this

As for binary options, there is such a site
I really liked it, there is a lot of things there, so you can read and find there for yourself .. I personally really liked the site

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Binary options is not trading but gambling. You can just as well trow your money away.

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