Investment In Binary Options (2)

Investment is an essential thing in human life. It is money committed or asset set aside not for today's use or consumption but for Future use.
I came accross Binary options May 20, 2013. It was a sweet enticing advert of "Do you want to make $400 in 2minutes?"... And I was shouting 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' to my Fujitsu laptop then... And I followed the link, I watched some videos of Bullish and Bearish charts saying.. " When its Bullish place a CALL trade, and when its Bearish, place a PUT trade"... Happy that its time to make money, I used the link to register and registered with a broker then (EmpireOption)... I invested my first capital then with my savings... I invested 200 Euros(#40,000)... I was so happy... Not knowing I was about to dash out free money to the broker.. Each trade is 25 Euros each... And in 34 hours, I lost all my capital.. Watch out for how I got my working and profitable strategy in my next post... By the way, check out the profit made today... #SegunBinary image image image image image image


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Whats this about really?

Its majorly Binary Options Trading. Similar to Forex and not as complicated as forex...

if youre making so much from it, why do you need steemit?

I'm not on steemit for the steemit dollars... Its just a way of making binary options known... And make people understand and believe that its not gambling... You can be succesful trading Binary options, and its easy

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